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VISIA professional facial skin analysis

In a search for fairer, younger and healthier skin, knowledge is an invaluable tool. The more we know about your skin, the better the treatment plan we will be able to provide in order to achieve the best results and prevent further damage. If you want to know precisely what your skin problems are, then VISIA is for you.

At the Polyclinic Bagatin we provide our clients unique consultation and analysis with the help of the advanced digital skin analysis system VISIA. This scientific approach uses a perfected imaging system in combination with direct consultations with one of our medical experts. Results gained by the VISIA skin analysis system help to create a framework for any treatment programme, adjusted for each client.

Knowing your unique skin profile is the first step towards complexion health and vitality. VISIA can determine the state of your skin, both on the surface and underneath it. The multispectral image and analysis from the VISIA system gives a clear, multidimensional insight into the individual aspects of your complexion which affects your overall look, and serves as a guide in personalized skin treatment programme.

VISIA professional facial skin analysis
VISIA professional facial skin analysis

How does it work?

VISIA system uses multispectral imaging and analysis to capture the crucial visual information with respect to six areas that affect the health and look of your complexion: wrinkles, spots, pores, complexion evenness (variations of the complexion colour), porphyrins (presence of bacteria in pores) and UV spots (photo damage characteristics and typical for excess exposure to sun).

VISIA also provides an informative comparison of the characteristics of your complexion with the complexion of women from our database containing thousands and thousands of profiles. The comprehensive information obtained, helps our specialists suggest optimal treatments and skin care regiments which are right for you. At your first appointment you will get an extensive and detailed report on your skin, together with photographs and recommendations for products and treatments for regeneration, rejuvenation or treatment of different skin conditions. The computer will store your details so that after a series of treatments you will be able to see the improvements on your skin. This incredible innovation allows every client to monitor their progress from treatment to treatment, as well as the results after the application of appropriate recommended treatments.

VISIA professional facial skin analysis
VISIA professional facial skin analysis

What to expect?

VISIA gives the most comprehensive analysis for identification of all aspects of your skin’s health, from complexion evenness and wrinkles to sun damage. With a precise VISIA imaging of all areas which affect your complexion, our specialists can, on the basis of your characteristic results, suggest optimal rejuvenation, regeneration and treatment options for your unique complexion characteristics. On the basis of your profile, the programme will also include adjusted recommendations for permanent facial skincare with VISIA imaging as an invaluable help in monitoring your complexion vitality and examining the efficacy of skincare throughout time. This way you will be able to monitor the results from treatment to treatment, as well as the progress made throughout the years.

The advantage of this facial skin analysis is that it can be used for all facial treatments. Whether you wish to have treatment with dermal filersvistabel therapy of facial wrinkles or a completely non-invasive treatment such as chemical peel or microdermabrasion, VISIA professional facial skin analysis can help you plan treatments and advise you on the best possible choice.

Better diagnosis means better care

Among many variables which contribute to the overall state of your complexion, six are crucial for selection of optimal skincare regiment. Those variables are: location and depth of wrinkles, pigment changes, vascular changes (redness), width and condition of pores, effects of UV damage and presence of porphyrin bacteria. 

VISIA professional facial skin analysis assesses the following factors:

  • Visible spots (irregularities occurring on the skin surface – blemishes, scars, age spots and other spots)
  • Wrinkles (aging results, most common around the eyes and mouth)
  • Texture (peaks and valleys – blue dots show the valleys, and yellow dots show the peaks)
  • Pores (small openings spread all over the skin)
  • UV spots (sun damage spots on the surface and in deeper layers of skin)
  • Brown spots (loss of skin colour including localized hyperpigmentation, melasma under the eyes, and moles)
  • Red areas (redness caused by spider veins, Rosacea, inflammations or swelling consequences)
  • Porphyrin (natural bacteria that can live in pores and cause swelling). 
VISIA professional facial skin analysis

Is VISIA for me?

VISIA professional facial skin analysis is appropriate for all tones and types of skin. This system provides simple and understandable reports and recommendations for preventive and additional action, and is increasingly used throughout the world as an educational tool for learning more about proper protection from the sun. Young people who are normally carefree and difficult to convince, also benefit from the VISIA system. At that age they are often at risk from sun damage and the visual demonstration of skin aging with VISIA system can make them take preventive actions.

Until the end of this month at our Policlinic we have a 50% discount on VISIA analysis, so the price is now 300 kn. You can read more details and more information on how to make an appointment here.

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