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Fractional skin resurfacing

Fractional skin resurfacing procedure is specifically designed to remove superficial and moderately deep lines and wrinkles on the face, as well as to treat small acne scars in order to fully regenerate and form a new healthy shiny skin. Erbium:YAG laser MCL 31 Dermablate represents the latest generation of laser for fractional skin resurfacing for aesthetic purposes.

About the procedure

Multimodal mode of Erbium:YAG laser MCL 31 Dermablate can correct irregularities of face with easy skin peeling, but also it can treat deep lines, wrinkles and acne scarring on the face and reduce stretch marks by forming new skin layer.

Erbium laser is a state of the art technology for laser rejuvenation with significant improvements over previous skin resurfacing lasers. Few side effects such as reduced feeling of pain and more visible results make Erbium laser the most popular choice in rejuvenation method among men and women.

During the treatment, the surface layer of the skin is destroyed in order to stimulate cellular immune responses of the body in order for the skin to create a new layer.

This procedure results in redness and swelling of the treated area, but the symptoms retreat rapidly.  Since it is a fractional mode of treatment, Erbium laser enables faster recovery in comparison to other methods of laser resurfacing.

During the procedure the epidermis (top layer of skin) is removed to reach a lower layer of skin that is smoother and youthful.

The procedure also activates collagen which encourages further tightening of the skin and stimulates the cells within the dermis to produce new, fresh epidermal layer. 

Our surgeons or dermatologists will remove layers of the skin which are necessary to eliminate or reduce superficial or moderately deep lines and wrinkles.

These photographs show the real condition before and after the procedure. The results of each procedure are subject to individualities and normal variability of surgical results. Consequently, Bagatin Clinic cannot guarantee equal results for each individual client. 

Types of treatment/procedure depending on the depth of penetration

Depending on the depth of laser penetration and the client's needs, the treatments are divided into groups according to the days it takes for the new skin to form.

The mildest treatment - laser peel gives you  "Shine" or "Glow" look in 24 to 48 hours after the procedure, and is recommended to everyone who wants to look fresh in a short time. Other treatments with different depth of penetration require slightly longer recovery at home and it is necessary to avoid the sun during recovery. The details of each treatment are individually planned with our doctors.


Am I a candidate?

A candidate for fractional skin resurfacing is a person who wants to correct unwanted lines and wrinkles and also reduce to a minimum scars that are left over from acne on the face, neck and cleavage and give your skin a new youthful glow and texture with long lasting glow effect. In general, skin resurfacing Erbium laser has a number of different candidates .

Surgery is recommended to people who want to look younger and fresher, but they are also realistic in their expectations.

This procedure is most often used in the treatment of:

  • Wrinkles and lines on the face
  • Deep and visible pores
  • Irregularities in skin color
  • Sun damage
  • Acne
  • Pigmentation from the sun and aging

How do you prepare?

You need to adequately prepare for the procedure at home depending on the depth of skin treatment a few days before the arrival of the treatment. For details about the preparations at home you will get instructions at the consultation with our doctors.

During the procedure

During fractional skin resurfacing, the water in the cells of the skin absorbs the laser light, which also causes drying, evaporation and dehydration, and consequently shedding of the skin. While a doctor passes with laser light over your skin, only 30-millionth of an inch of tissue is removed.

This incredible control allows the doctor to treat skin as deep as it is needed. Within the existing laser light there is more minimal "sublaser" air which leaves segments of skin intact that allows faster healing of just dehydrated cell layer. After removing the damaged skin, new skin is quickly restored in the same place.

Fractional skin resurfacing

When treated with an Erbium laser, you will feel a slight heat during the treatment, and immediately after the treatment, there is a warmth felt on the face. A significant advantage of this laser is the recovery time, which lasts from a few days to few weeks.

Recovery time

Depending on the type of individual treatment, the doctor will thoroughly walk you through with instructions on how to care for your skin after the treatment.

To avoid the risk of infections and achieve the desired results, please carefully follow these instructions.

The first 2-3 days you can take analgesics for pain in consultation with the doctor. Sleep on your back, not on side or face, and set extra pillow under your head so you would not prolong further swelling of the face. The appearance of dry and flaking crust with itching is normal. Do not tear the new crust!

Drink plenty of fluids in order to rehydrate (avoid alcohol and caffeine). After the procedure, treat area with moist cream.

Be sure not to rub your face with your fingers, knead it, nor wipe it with a cotton ball and so on. Washing face with tap water, chamomile and similar preparations is not recommended! Only apply the cream prescribed by the doctor as often as you feel necessary (we recommend a minimum of 5 times a day).

Take care of your face in compliance with these guidelines to reduce the possibility of complications such as infection that will prolong your recovery.

Remember - your new, shiny skin is very thin and vulnerable to UV damage and exposure to the sun will be possible exclusively with SPF 50+, and the following three months using factor of 30+.

The person can fully recover and return to everyday life usually between 7 to 10 days, but for more treatments with deeper penetration depth it takes up to 3 weeks of recovery.

On the following controls, our staff will answer any questions regarding the application of your daily cosmetics and answer any further questions.


Although fractional Erbium laser significantly decreased number of risks associated with laser surgery and infections, temporary or permanent changes in pigmentation or even scars and other unwanted results are possible. Fortunately, these complications are quite rare. As with other medical procedures, it requires detailed discussion of all the issues and concerns with your doctor.


The package includes treatment with fractional laser of the latest generation, the instructions for skin treatment in the coming days after the treatment at home, a cream to apply to the treated part of the face, inspection and follow-up after treatment.

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