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Plastic Surgery

About plastic surgery

Being satisfied with your own, good look reflects to our good mood, confidence, security, smile… we are simply happier in life. On the other hand, if we're not satisfied with ourselves, our personal, social and business lives take on the same connotation. The source of dissatisfaction can have different causes in the form of injuries, congenital annomalies or simply different details on our face or body which we don't like. Aesthetic surgery can change your life in a way that makes you feel better in your own body.


By definition, plastic surgery involes surgical procedures which change a person's physical appearance and has a reconstructive or aesthetic purpose. Aesthetic surgery is the oldest specialty of Bagatin Clinic, with a tradition and experience of nearly 25 years. The surgical procedures we perform include the whole body and face, and they are performed by the distinguished and renowned duo Bagatin, brothers Dinko and Tomica, who are constantly improving, educating, following trends, but remain true to their beliefs that it is always a priority to maintain a natural appearance.



In today's world, the number and aesthetic and surgical procedures on the face, as well as various treatments in the field of rejuvenation, is progressively increasing. Aging is reflected on the face and has negative effects on many. It impairs one's appearance, causes some health problems and reflects on one's mood. And life is too short to pass in the shadow of dissatisfaction with one's appearance, isn't it? One of the most common procedures in the world is rhinoplasty, i.e., nose correction.


The goal of aesthetic surgery is not to perfect the body, but to eliminate or correct the source of discomfort and dissatisfaction in our patients. Today, the desire for a better quality of life and a generally better standard have contributed to the availability of cosmetic surgery to the general public, and the demand for cosmetic surgery should be understood as a normal need of a modern man.


Hair loss is an aesthetic problem not only for men, but also women who can feel a lot of stress, discomfort and frustration. Impaired confidence and satisfaction are often, therefore, linked to our appearance and baldness. The best, and often the only, solution to lost hair is the FUE method of hair transplantation that is minimally invasive, with no visible scars and stitches, and results in new hair in the desired area and natural appearance.


Aesthetic correction of breasts is one of the most common procedures that make women enter plastic surgeon's offices every day. In order to fullfill your wish for a better appearance but also to restore a sense of self-confidence, breast dissatisfaction today can be resolved quickly and easily, be it either reducing, enlarging or lifting their appearance after childbirth and breastfeeding. Another very common procedure is gynecomastia – the correction of male breasts.

Minor Procedures

Benign skin changes, such as moles and warts on the face and body, are usually removed for aesthetic reasons, sometimes with a laser and sometimes a surgical removal is needed. The attention and surgeon's knowledge is also required for scars, which can present an aesthetic problem as well, but can also cause movement restrictions due to skin tension. Same as unwanted tattoos which are also removed with a laser. Small surgical procedures include carpal tunnel syndrome, performed by our team of general surgeons.

Laser center


What makes our Clinic stand out from the rest is the VECTRA XT 3D consultation, using a unique simulator that can show you the expected result from the surgery. For breast enlargment, the simulations are based on the actual implants we use during the procedure. Very easily, with the help of the VECTRA device, we can visualize a new nose, ears, chin correction, abdominoplasty and body liposuction. Already during consultations, find out what you will look like after the wanted procedure!

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The Bagatin Clinic is the best international clinic for aesthetic surgery in 2019. with the finalist status in the same category for two years in a row, according to the IMTJ organization which is the leading body in toursim and healthcare industry. The surgical team holds numerous certifications and confirmations of advanced knowledge and skills at seminars and congresses around the world, and they are members of numerous international and domestic associations such as the prestigious American Association of Plastic Surgeons and the Croatian Surgical Society. Also, we are in the process of obtaining international Temos accreditation, which presents a synonym  for guaranteed quality of service and patient safety.

Surgical team

Certificates and accreditations

Our experts

Dr. Dinko Bagatin, plastic and general surgeon

Leading expert in breast augmentation and reconstruction

Doc.dr.sc. Dinko Bagatin, prim.dr.med.

Specialist of general and subspecialist of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery / Frana Folnegovića
Dr. Tomica Bagatin, maxillofacial surgeon

Allergan trainer for dermal fillers

Tomica Bagatin, dr.med.

Plastic surgeon of head and neck / Frana Folnegovića
Dr.sc. Johann Nemrava, dr.med.

Expert on small surgical procedures

Doc.dr.sc. Johann Nemrava, dr.med.

Specialist of general and subspecialist of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery / Frana Folnegovića
Dejan Šimičević, dr.med.

Expert on small surgical procedures

Dejan Šimičević, dr.med.

Specialist of general and subspecialist of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery / Frana Folnegovića
Zlatko Kljajić, dr.med.

Doc.dr.sc. Zlatko Kljajić, dr.med.

Specialist in otorhinolaryngology, subspecialist in audiology / Split
Judith Adrianne Deutsch, dr.med.

Award-winning anesthesiologist and certified instructor for emergency medicine skills

prim. Judith Adrianne Deutsch, dr.med.

Anesthesiologist and reanimatologist / Frana Folnegovića

Client testimonials

Jelena Begić
Jelena Begić
Rhinoplasty and lip augmentation
“I have been bothered by a lack of self-confidence caused by an oversized nose and small lips since I was in school. My face was a big problem in getting to know new people. The change you have given me has improved the quality of my life; I have become a confident person who enjoys her new appearance!”
Ines Fot
Ines Fot
Rhinoplasty, otoplasty and chin correction
“Already in primary school I have experienced discomfort due to my appearance. I have always been unhappy with my nose which was lumpy and large, and with my ears which were sticking out. I never liked my appearance. The corrections I have done have made my life easier, I don’t run from other people, I don’t hide. I am finally a happy person!”
Ankica Asanović
Ankica Asanović
VaserLipo ultrasound liposuction, abdominoplasty, breast augmentation and lift
“For the past 11 years, I was bothered by the consequences of my pregnancy. My breasts and my abdomen never returned to their original form, and the feeling that this body didn’t belong to me was horrible. After my transformation, I feel happy, self-confident and attractive again. Days of hiding and shame on the beach are behind me!”

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