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BAGATIN CLINIC FOR MAXILLOFACIAL, GENERAL AND PLASTIC SURGERY, DERMATOLOGY, ANESTHESIOLOGY, REANIMATOLOGY, INTENSIVE MEDICINE, PAIN PREVENTION, ORAL SURGERY, AND DENTAL PROSTHETICS, with headquarters in Zagreb, Kneza Višeslava 14, registered at the Zagreb Commercial Court under the number (MBS): 080427257, personal identification number (OIB): 93996285537 (in the following text „Bagatin Clinic”) and Bagatin Med d.o.o. with headquarters in Zagreb, Kneza Višeslava 14, registered at the Zagreb Commercial Court under the number (MBS): 080697515, personal identification number (OIB): 94840938469 (in the following text „Bagatin Med d.o.o.”) takes particular care of the security of the personal information you provide through the use of the website www.poliklinikabagatin.hr.

Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. therefore collect the least amount of personal information and use it solely for the purpose for which it was collected and about which you are informed. In the same way, Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. do not share information with third parties without informing you and seeking your consent. Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. always strive to process and store your information only for as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or as required by a contract or applicable law. 

1. The information we collect

Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. collect different types of information for the quality of their services, namely (a) the information they collect from you, (b) the information they collect about your used service of Bagatin Clinic and/or Bagatin Med d.o.o., and (c) information they collect from third parties.

Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. collect information about your use of the website www.poliklinikabagatin.hr, that is, how and for what purpose is the website used. We need such information to ensure the proper and quality operation of the www.poliklinikabagatin.hr website in order to provide you with quality services, and to be able to act in accordance with our real obligations and in accordance with our legitimate interest in providing and persistently improving the services we provide to you.

The website www.poliklinikabagatin.hr uses cookies. Details of cookies, how to use, store and block them are on the website www.poliklinikabagatin.hr under the heading “Cookies”, which can be found at www.poliklinikabagatin.hr/eng/cookies. 

Furthermore, Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. can collect information about your geo-location. Such information may become available when you search and use www.poliklinikabagatin.hr on the basis of the IP address or GPS data of your device. Such information is used to improve our services and to ensure the quality of the services provided to you. Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. point out that your devices have the option of turning off or restricting your location information, and which options are free to use.  

When collecting personally identifiable information, certain data may be stored by the Google Analytics platform, about which you are more familiar with through the cookie policy.

For more information on the Google Analytics’ Privacy Policy, please visit the following link:



Our individual services available through the Internet content allow you to contact the Bagatin Clinic and/or Bagatin Med d.o.o. directly, for the purpose of requesting and booking the treatment appointment within the services provided by Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. In connection with these services, it is possible that we may ask you for certain information about you so that you can use such services and, on the other hand, that Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. could act on your request. In such a situation, your personal information is necessary because without it the Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. cannot comply to your request and you will therefore be presented with a form confirming that you are aware of the privacy policy, which should be ticked in the form. For example, in such a situation, you may be asked for your e-mail address, first name, last name, mobile number, etc. Some services allow you to communicate with other people. These communications will be transmitted through and stored in our systems.

In certain situations, the Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. collect information about you using other Internet platforms and resources, which may be combined with other information you make available to us. For example, Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o., in order to provide you with quality services tailored to your wishes and interests, use the Facebook Pixel tool, which enables you to monitor your activities on the website and transmit the same information to Facebook. As a result of the above, promotional messages and information may be sent to you through social networks that would be tailored to you wishes and interests, according to the result of your search. This way, you can use the services and be informed about services that you might not regularly be informed about, which is of interest in improving your customer satisfaction and improving the quality of services provided by Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. – Such tools can be embedded in network content, videos and email and can allow servers to read certain types of data from your device and allows them to see when you have viewed certain content or a specific email, to determine the time and date when you have reviewed your device’s tag and IP address. Bagatin Clinic, Bagatin Med d.o.o. and certain third parties use beacons for a variety of purposes, including analyzing the use of the services (together with cookies) and providing content and advertisements tailored to your needs and interests.

For more information on these tools, please refer to the following links:




In addition, Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. use Zendesk Support i Zendesk chat tools for Internet live communication, which may also contain your personal information.

For more information, see here:





In connection with the aforementioned, Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. do not perform any special processing or storage of the data you leave through these tools, the data in question is used solely for communication. For example, the username you create when chatting, Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. will not connect to a specific person. However, if you use a communication tool to ask our staff a specific request and request a service, such as arranging an appointment, our staff may ask you for contact information so that we can act on your request, that is, your inquiry which you ask about through the communication tools, like chat.

Also, if you were to use the web forms provided on the  www.poliklinikabagatin.hr website to make inquiries, requests and requests on wrong websites, for example, if you asked for your rights, access to other information on the “ask a doctor” form, or request an appointment, Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. may use the personal information you provide to identify and contact you to process your inquiry, request and alike.

All interactive options, especially communication via private messages, chats, forums or other ways of sending messages or communicating with one another are of public nature and do not have the status of confidential and verified information, therefore the Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. may monitor and remove inappropriate content of the user’s communication without his knowledge and specific approval. Considering that Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. do not necessarily control or authorize the content of the messages or information found on the website www.poliklinikabagatin.hr, Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. are not responsible for the actions taken by the user on any part of the www.poliklinikabagatin.hr website, or for the content that the user may post on the same.

By accessing and using this website, you consent to the use of the tools described and other information on your device. You also agree that the Bagatin Clinic, Bagatin Med d.o.o. and third parties can access cookies, local storage technologies, Pixel and data.

2. Why we collect data and to whom is the data available

Your information is collected and processed for the following purposes:

-       for your use of the services;

-       to provide services and fulfill your requirements;

-       to provide you with content and recommendations based on your activities on the website;

-       to advertise and send promotional materials;

-       to improve our business and develop the services provided to you;

-       to evaluate and analyze the activities on this website, our market, users, products and services;

-       for communication with you;

-       to analyze how people (including you) use our services and content and to improve them and develop new products and services that are more user-friendly;

-       for other services with your consent. 

Your information will not be released to the public. We take special care of who we share your information with, and will not share it with third parties for their own independent marketing or business purposes without your consent. In the case of data transfer, we will take all measures to protect it and, if possible, necessary and reasonable, pseudonymize or otherwise make it difficult to connect with you, and in exceptional situations we will endeavor to completely anonymize this in the situation where we assess that there is a risk to your rights.

Disclosure of your information is possible to entities that have direct business relations with the Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. and which are an integral part of the business of Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. provide. Furthermore, it is possible to share your information with reliable and secure business partners, whose services and products are an integral part of the services, and especially health services provided by the Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o.

Examples of such business partners are the device manufacturers that Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. use for surgical procedures, and it is important to emphasize that the Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. use the services of top and high-end manufacturers of health and diagnostic devices. Again, your safety is always our first priority. We may also disclose your information to business partners who provide services on our behalf, such as companies that assist us with billing or send emails on our behalf. These entities are limited in their ability to use your information for purposes that go beyond providing a service to us.

If ordered by law or by a decision of a governing or judicial body, information may be disclosed to the competent authorities and other parties:

  • to comply with the law or to respond to a mandatory legal action (such as a search warrant or other court order);
  • to verify or comply with the rules governing our services and
  • to protect the rights, property or safety of users, clients and the Bagatin Clinic itself and Bagatin Med d.o.o.

In certain situations, the Bagatin Clinic and the Bagatin Med d.o.o. can transfer your data outside the Republic of Croatia for further processing. Please note that data protection laws and other laws of the countries to which your data may be transferred may not be as comprehensive as those in your country. Such processing is done exclusively for the needs of Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. and every reasonable effort is always made to deprive all third-party unauthorized persons of their access to such processing and its results. For example, it is possible that your information will be transferred to CRM databases. Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. use ZOHO CRM databases. When establishing CRM databases, Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. take reasonable measures to use reliable and secure databases that protect your security to the greatest extent possible.

You can find more information about our CRM databases at the following link:


For transfers that go beyond the legitimate interests of Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o., and by their nature do not fall within the scope of regular transmissions, and which are necessary in order for Bagatin clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. to ensure security and high level of service, your consent will be sought.

Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. use and regularly improve their system of collecting and processing personal information, all to ensure their compliance with legal regulations and, of course, your security. In doing so, reasonable physical and technical data protection measures are used and efforts are made to follow technical achievements and guidelines of the bodies responsible for personal data, both at the level of the Republic of Croatia and at the EU level.

However, Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. must point out that due to the rapid development of technology, every user of the Internet system must be aware that no system is absolutely secure and that it is objectively impossible to foresee in advance all the risks that may arise on the Internet. Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. cannot particularly affect the deficiencies in the services provided by third parties which are necessary for the existence of this website. Illegal attacks on this site and on the Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. are always possible, and Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. reasonably seek to mitigate any risks that may arise.

In any case, Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. will persevere in its efforts to make their personal data protection system as securely as possible.

3.  Other

If, despite the content of this Privacy statement and the protection of personal information, certain things are still not clear to you, or if you feel that certain details have not been sufficiently explained to you, please feel free to contact our personal data protection officer with your reasonable queries. The officer, in accordance with objective possibilities, will endeavor to answer all reasonable queries and, in cooperation with our technical services, will always endeavor to provide you with all reasonably available information in order to ensure your informativity.

According to the applicable laws, we are obliged to inform you that you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data, both to the Bagatin Clinic and to Bagatin Med d.o.o., and the Croatian Agency for the Protection of Personal Data. At your request, Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. will give you information about how personal information is processed. If personal information is incorrect, it will be corrected at your request. In this case, as in other cases provided for by applicable regulations, you may request a restriction on processing. You also have the right to request the transfer of your information to another processing manager.

All your inquiries, our personal data processing officer will examine, and if possible, endeavor to respond within 30 days, provided that your request is legal. The dynamics of the answer depend on the nature of your query and generally the amount and nature of any other queries. In the case of unreasonable, overly detailed, frequently repeated and otherwise unjustifiably difficult inquiries, the Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. agrees to charge you a reasonable fee for answering your inquiry. In the most pressing situations, Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. will refuse to answer your inquiry.


Officer for data protection of Bagatin Clinic and Bagatin Med d.o.o. is:

Law Firm KNEZOVIĆ & Partneri j.t.d.

Radnička cesta 54, Zagreb, Hrvatska

OIB: 53392825913

Contact: dpo@bagatin.hr

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