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Breast lift

Pregnancy, lactation and the force of gravity over the years affect the appearance of women's breasts. Due to the loss of elasticity of the skin, breasts are changing their appearance and firmness and begin to descend. Breast lift, or Mastopexy is a surgical method which  gives breasts a new look, strength and position. In some cases in the Poliklinika Bagatin, breast lift is done in combination with implants to increase the volume of the breasts. Silicone implants are widely used in order to obtain better results in conjunction with Mastopexy.

About the procedure

There are various techniques to raise breasts, depending on the nature and degree of sagging breasts. Dr. Bagatin, based on the location of the nipples relates to the inframammary line which is located below the level , determines the  level of sagging breasts. Breast of a young woman, which are not hanging, have a nipple above the inframammary line, where is the wire of  brassiere. It is important to make a few important decisions before surgery. During the consultations in the Bagatin Clinic each patient passes a careful medical examination and gets advice on appropriate solutions for her case. Very detailed clinical measurements of the chest and breast are made which is very important for an assessment. Women have to consider and decide on the type of incision and implant if they are needed.

Am I a candidate?

Healthy patients with relatively small and pendulous breasts and realistic expectations from surgery are the best candidates for a breast lift procedure.

How do you prepare?

Come to consultations at Bagatin Clinic prepared to talk about your health. You need to talk about diseases that you have suffered from, the current state of health, allergies to medications, breast biopsies, and medications you are taking. It is important to provide complete information. Tell Dr. Bagatin if you are planning to go on a drastic diet, especially if you notice that your breasts are reduced from  a diet. Maybe the doctor will  recommend you to stabilize the weight first, and then surgery. The doctor will recommend that you do a basic mammogram prior to the surgery, and other mammography examinations a year after the surgery. Just described examinations can detect any future changes in tissue.

Four to six weeks prior to the procedure it is necessary to stop smoking. Two weeks prior to the procedure you should stop taking aspirins, herbal supplements or any other supplements, and certain medications that inhibit the formation of inflammation, because their contents can cause significant bleeding.

12 to 24 hours before the procedure: make sure to use antibacterial soap and let the foam of the antibacterial soap for about 10 minutes on the part of the body that will undergo surgery in the evening, the day before the procedure, and in the morning. Scrub the breast and underarm area thoroughly with antibacterial soap.
Eight hours before the surgery: Do not eat or drink, remove all jewelry, remove nail polish on hands and feet.

During the procedure

Dr. Bagatin will do the breast exam, measure and photograph breasts for documentation. The size and shape of the breasts, the quality of the skin, the area around the nipple and areola will be carefully reviewed and evaluated. Breast lift is performed under general anesthesia, which means you'll sleep during the procedure. The operation takes 4 to 6 hours. When  the excess skin is removed, the nipple and the circle around the nipple/areola is lifted. The skin around the areola is redesigned to get more beautiful breasts. Stitches are usually located around the areola, in a vertical line down to the nipple area, and along the lower breast crease. If you want to increase your breast also,  during the deduction of the surgery, the implant is placed directly under the breast tissue or deeper below the chest muscle.

Recovery time

After surgery the patient remains under observation and when the doctor determines that the situation is stable patient is moved to a private room. In order to go home  in secure and good general condition  after the surgery, the patient will be placed in the recovery room overnight because she was subjected to general anesthesia. After surgery, patients will receive continuous strong painkillers intravenously. Patients sensitive to painkillers may have nausea and it is necessary to inform the nurse immediately. There is a possibility that Dr. Bagatin puts small drains on the side. Drains stay one night and the next day are removed.

The patient will be discharged from the clinic by a doctor the day after surgery, the wound is bandaged and the patient can wear a bra with an elastic bandage. Upon leaving the Poliklinika Bagatin the patient receives a recommendation for antibiotics (medications against inflammation) if it is needed, as well as an analgesic. The patient can  wash herself by using towels and swimming should be avoided until the first examination. However, if in the meantime the bandage that is placed after the procedure becomes  very dirty, the patient needs to get to the doctor before the appointment of the first examination. Stitches will be removed in a week to three weeks. If after surgery breast skin is dry, a neutral cream can be applied several times a day, but he area around the stitches  must remain dry.

During the first week after the surgery, the patient can do moderate exercise and use a soft sports bra. The first week or two pain varies and can be kept under control  by painkillers. Most patients should come to control examination and small demonstration of exercises for breast massage, if necessary, in the first week after surgery. The sensitivity of the nipple and breast skin can reduce because of swelling, but it disappears  six weeks after surgery.


Every surgical procedure carries certain risks, such as risks of anesthesia, infection, bleeding and swelling. These complications occur rarely and can usually  be avoided. The Bagatin Clinic has modern anesthetic apparatus which drastically reduces the risk of the operation. Thousands of women annually undergo  the surgical procedure of increasing or raising breast successfully and are very pleased with the results. Our team is undertaking all possible measures in order to reduce any risk to a minimum. However, very often the responsibility for avoiding the risk lies in you. Dr. Bagatin will explain to you in detail the risks of surgery during the consultation services.


The package includes: medical reimbursement for work, anesthesia, equipment and special equipment room in the Bagatin Clinic for short recovery and routine medications for patients who have undergone the procedure. The package price includes post-operative examination.

The package does not include: the price of the basic preoperative examination and blood test, ECG, chest X-ray as well as examination by an internist, cost for more nights, the stress test, the costs prior to admission to the Bagatin Clinic, telephone charges, medications that you take at home, consultations with other specialists, such as a specialist in diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, thyroid, allergy medicine, heart medicine, etc.

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