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Tatoo and scar removal

Various scars distort the appearance of our body, regardless of where they are. Scars can develop differently and vary in shape, color and appearance. They arise as a result of injury or surgical intervention, and are the product of the human body capacity to heal. Scars can interfere with the normal function of the body and cause a restriction of a movement due to shrinkage and the tension of the skin. Furthermore, tattooing emphasizes personality and attitudes. But as the times change, our attitudes and thinking, tattoos often become unwanted and we decide to remove them.

About the procedure

Regardless of the reason for the occurrence of the scar, it's a question of changing the skin tissue that often requires treatment because of medical and aesthetic reasons. Plastic surgery in most cases offers a solution for skin damage due to inflammatory, traumatic, metabolic and all other reasons. Removal of scars and tattoos is done by various medical treatments, depending on the individual case. Tattoos can be removed by mechanical dermabrasion and surgically, and scars are removed by mechanical dermabrasion, surgical and injection therapy. These procedures are performed under local anesthesia and are painless for the patient. There is a possibility that the scar will not completely disappear, but its prominence, visibility and tension will be reduced. For a result in the removing of the scar it is an important time of injury. Scar correction usually takes place 6 months after the injury. Exceptionally, in some situations, the scar can be corrected earlier.

Alongside surgical method of removing scars in our clinic, we also offer an alternative method which can treat stretch marks also, with the help of Erbium lasers. It is a minimally invasive treatment which gives excellent results with minimal recovery time. During the treatment, laser light of fractional laser reduces the visibility of scars without damaging surrounding tissue. The scars are significantly less visible in just a couple of quick, easy treatment after which there is only smooth, attractive skin. Treatment is gradually creating a new healthy collagen which gives smooth skin and replaces bumpy collagen. 

How do you prepare?

On the day of the operation it is not permitted to use shower gels that have an oily effect on the skin, but ordinary soap or shower gel. The skin should not be moisturized. All the information will be given to you in consultation with our doctors. One week before and after surgery it is necessary to avoid drugs that reduce blood viscosity (consult your general practitioner). Six hours before the operation it is not allowed to eat or drink.

During the procedure

In the Poliklinika Bagatin a surgical removal of scars and tattoos is performed that can be  a more effective way to deal with the functional or cosmetic problems caused by a scar or tattoo. In some cases it will be enough to cut a small part of the skin and suture the wound with fine suture. Scars flush skin rectifies simple excision, Z or W-plastic or V - Y procedure. Recessed scars can be corrected by local flaps, fat grafts or muscle transposition. Objectively scar revision can correct the direction of the scar, narrow scar, split long scar into smaller components, aligned irregularities or scarring  distortion and correct pigmented abnormalities. For large and heavy scars and tattoos several procedures are required so that the skin  could relax enough and there would be enough time to  heal wounds properly. In addition to these techniques there is the option of transplanting skin from another part of the body.

Following the completion of surgery to remove scars or tattoos, it is extremely important that the patient complies with all instructions of the doctor. Adhere to the permanent protection of the scar from direct exposure to sunlight.


Greater precautions is necessary especially in the case of larger tattoos and scars. Be sure to attend the appointments in our clinic. But whether it is the removal of small scars and tattoos, it is important that you have good hygiene, respecting the principles of sterility according to the instructions you will receive. Also, the wounds will heal faster and better if you avoid severe stress, particularly if it is located in places where their is tension of the skin. If you want to soften the look of scars, it is important that you follow necessary instructions you will receive in our clinic.


The price of removing scars and tattoos in the Poliklinika Bagatin includes surgery, local anesthesia, postoperative control, removing stitches and set for home changing.

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