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Inlay, Onlay and Overlay

Inlay, Onlay and Overlay are dental prosthetic implants. They are used for the reconstruction of a tooth damaged by caries or trauma and they are similar to usual fillings. They are an excellent alternative to crowns for those who prefer a minimally invasive treatment.  They are made in a dental laboratory and are a superior solution to classical fillings, from both the aesthetic and functional point of view.

About the procedure

Inlay, Onlay and Overlay are prosthetic fillings, often called indirect fillings. Unlike classical fillings which are made and modelled in mouth, Inlay, Onlay and Overlay are made in a dental laboratory on the basis of the teeth impression and are cemented on the tooth. The three prosthetic fillings differ only by their size. Inlay is placed in the middle of the tooth, and does not have contact points with the teeth of the opposite jaw when biting. Onlay is bigger and it fills in the damaged tooth in places where the cusps (crowns) of the tooth have to be augmented and makes contact with the opposite teeth when biting, while Overlay covers both inner and outer parts of the crown preserving the tooth substance. Their advantage is that they adhere better to the tooth, they are stronger and last longer than the fillings. They also present a better aesthetic solution over time because of the lasting colour, which makes the edge where prosthetic meets the tooth invisible. Inlay, Onlay and Overlay technique is more advantageous because it requires less tooth grinding, preserving the healthy tooth tissue to a maximum. They make an excellent choice for significant damages to the solid tooth tissue, especially with endodontically  treated teeth and caries reaching the space between the teeth or when filling places which are difficult to reach, as well as with fillings where it is difficult to meet the necessary conditions for classical composite fillings. 

Inlay, Onlay and Overlay

Am I a candidate?

Inlay, Onlay and Overlay are prosthetic implants recommended to everyone whose tooth tissue is greatly damaged and who would like longer and better quality solution than the classical filling. They are ideal for the reconstruction of contact surfaces between two teeth, as well as for filling in the places which are difficult to reach. They are used in cases where there is greater damage to the tooth crown or there is insufficient tooth tissue to make a composite filling, but the damage is not that big so as to require the preparation of the tooth crown. They are also an excellent choice for those who want a minimally invasive dental treatment, because they do not ask for a great adjustment of the tooth which is the case with dental crowns.

During the procedure

The placement of the prosthetic implant can be performed over two visits to the dentist.  After removing the caries, the dentist prepares the tooth for taking its impression. On the basis of the impression, Inlay, Onlay and Overlay are prepared at a dental laboratory and later cemented to the tooth. During the preparation of the prosthetic implant, the client gets a temporary replacement in order to protect the tooth until the implant is permanently cemented during the next visit. When placing the implant, the dentist checks whether the prepared prosthetics suits the purpose by its colour and shape. After the check-up, Inlay, Onlay or Overlay are permanently cemented and the edges are additionally polished for the purpose of making an invisible connection the tooth.

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