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Abdominoplasty, or "Tummy Tuck" is a procedure, which treats very loose skin and muscles of the abdomen, mostly after major weight gain or a large weight loss. Excess skin and fat in the abdominal area can represent a great aesthetic and psychological burden, but can also lead to significant health problems.

Abdominoplasty is a good method if diet and exercise can not fix a serious muscle relaxation that occurs most often after several pregnancies. The goal of surgery is to reduce fat on the belly and to form an aesthetically acceptable appearance – a flatter and tighter abdominal wall.

About the procedure

"Tummy tuck" or Abdominoplasty is a procedure for people with relaxed abdominal muscles and skin that can not regain its normal tone. In the Bagatin Clinic we require physical examination before the procedure to rule out any serious illness that could cause complications during or after surgery. To achieve the best results, good communication between doctor and patient is crucial. Dr. Bagatin will examine you and evaluate the skin tone, the degree of loose skin in the abdominal region and assess the excess fat, as well as the condition of your abdominal muscles.

These photographs show the real condition before and after the procedure. The results of each procedure are subject to individualities and normal variability of surgical results. Consequently, Bagatin Clinic cannot guarantee equal results for each individual client. 

There are several types of abdominoplasty, from the removal of small amounts of sagging skin and fat tissue to major surgery which strengthens the entire abdominal wall. Stretch marks can be removed when they are limited to the area of resection and are removed along with excess skin.

Am I a candidate?

Doctors in the Bagatin Clinic will talk to you about the limitations and expectations. When you get all the information, make a decision and evaluate whether you are a good candidate for abdominoplasty.

How do you prepare?

Four to six weeks before the procedure it is necessary to stop smoking. Two weeks before the procedure stop taking aspirin, herbal supplements or any other supplements, and certain medications that inhibit the formation of inflammation, because their contents can cause significant bleeding.

On the day of the consultation with the doctor: Get ready for a medical examination and talk to the doctor about your expectations of the procedure, speak out about the history of diseases and allergies to medications and foods, with particular emphasis on drugs that you are currently taking and tell the doctor if you are under medical treatment. Dr. Bagatin will make a few photos before the surgery that will be attached to your medical records.

12 to 24 hours before the procedure: make sure to use antibacterial soap and let the foam of antibacterial soap stay on the part of the body that will undergo surgery for about 10 minutes in the evening, the day before the procedure, and in the morning. Well wash the chest, the abdominal wall and upper thighs with antibacterial soap, leave the foam for about 10 minutes on the abdomen the night before and in the morning before the procedure.

Eight hours before the surgery: Do not eat or drink, remove all jewelry, remove nail polish on hands and feet.

During the procedure

Abdominoplasty is performed under general anesthesia in the Bagatin Clinic and lasts 4-6 hours. An incision is pulled over or within the urogenital tract, but it is not always possible. If the skin is more relaxed above the navel, the surgeon may make an incision above the genital area. The cut length is laterally moving to the pelvic bones, and it mainly depends on the amount of skin which needs to be removed. If it is possible, the plastic surgeon will try to cut in the line of the swimsuit, a second incision around the navel to pull the skin down and remove the superfluous part. To strengthen the abdominal wall, the surgeon connects relaxed tissue and muscle involucre with stitches.

Recovery time

After abdominoplasty, you usually stay for observation in a double room overnight to make sure that your condition is stable. After the operation, you'll wear a bandage and a corset around your belly and you may also set up a cornel to each side of the cut. You will lie on your back with legs bent to reduce tension in the abdominal wound healing. In such a position, you will stay all night. During the night, you will continually receive strong  painkillers intravenously. Sensitive patients may experience nausea and if so  you must immediately inform the medical staff.
24 hours after surgery: It is necessary to exercise calves of the legs frequently to prevent the formation of blood clots in the legs. It is recommended to stand on the feet as soon as possible and to move to stimulate circulation the day after surgery.

Discharge from the Bagatin Clinic: You will receive written instructions regarding medications, analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and you will get an appointment for the next examination. The wound will be bandaged at the hospital on the day of discharge and drains will be removed, but if there is still a large amount of fluid, drains will remain until the first examination. You can not swim, gentle exercise is permitted and  it is obligatory to wear an abdominal corset  at least 3 weeks in order to maintain the desired body shape. The pain will vary in the first week or two, and you can control it by using the medications that a 7 days after surgery: The first control check-up. All seams are removed 10 to 21 days after surgery. You should stay in Zagreb and its surroundings for at least 10 days.

2 weeks later: Avoid any sexual activity for at least two weeks or more. It is necessary to avoid effort, bending, lifting weight, because it can cause bleeding or swelling. You also need to sleep on your back with a pillow under your knees.

4 weeks later: The swelling will decrease and the hematoma will disappear in a few weeks. The swelling will go away in a few months when you will see the actual results of abdominoplasty. Some parts of the abdomen will be benumed to the sensation and it will last for  several months,the initial cut will be red or pink. This colour will stay for several months after surgery, but it will eventually fade away.

We recommend that you stay in Zagreb or near at least 10 days, because abdominoplasty is not only an aesthetic surgery, but also an aesthetic reconstruction. In case of additional surgery, the patient does not pay royalties in the Bagatin Clinic, but must pay the amount for using the operating room, anesthesia and stay in the polyclinic.


Like any other surgery, abdominoplasty is associated with certain risks and complications despite the measures that are taken. In the Bagatin Clinic we take every precaution to reduce  all potential risks to a minimum. However, you also have the responsibility for avoiding the risks and complications. It is a complex procedure that requires special technical skills of surgeons and there is a large percentage of probability that there will be postoperative complications, so it is important that the patient stays close to a surgeon who can monitor his condition.


The package includes: anesthetics, equipment, medicines, accommodation for short stay in Bagatin Clinic, medications associated with the operation, care of the medical staff, the recommendations of drugs that will be taken after the surgery, check-up after surgery.

The package does not include: stay in the Bagatin Clinic longer than one night, accommodation costs prior to admission in the Polyclinic, telephone charges, preoperative examination (routine blood tests, ECG, chest X-ray), laboratory costs, drugs that are not connected with the operation, and consultations with other specialists and costs associated with other patients disease, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, thyroid disease, allergy medications, heart disease, etc.

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