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The mission of Poliklinika Bagatin is to provide a top-quality service using the best quality and the most modern products. For that reason we pay a lot of attention to choosing our partners who have extensive experience and who invest a lot in research and safety. In our partners we include associations which improve the quality of life by supporting those who need it the most to overcome their problems and live a fulfilled life.


Allergan Inc is a multi-specialized healthcare company dedicated to discovering, developing and marketing innovative medicines, medical devices and other consumer products which enable people to fulfil their potential:  see more clearly, move without problems and express themselves completely. In cooperation with the medical community, they create products which make the best contribution to the patient’s wellbeing. In line with this, they pay a lot of attention to educating and providing information to patients – in this way the patients can understand the choices available to them during conversation with their doctors.  Allergan produces numerous products, including Vistabel and JUVÉDERM® dermal filers. In our Vistabel and dermal filer treatments we use Allergan products because of their proven safety and efficacy in achieving desired results. Our Tomica Bagatin has become a certified Allergan trainer for the whole region.


For more than 30 years, the German company Asclepion Laser Technologies has been an international market leader in medical lasers. They owe their success to constant technology development which has made them one of the most developed companies for the optical industry market. Their business success is led by a mission to create products which have a positive impact on patients and make a contribution to the success of medical practice in cooperation with local partners. Nowadays the company Asclepion Laser Technologies does business in 60 countries, and numerous aesthetic and healthcare institutions have put their trust into verified, long-term quality provided by Asclepion Laser Technologies. Amongst them is our Polyclinic too. Our choice of lasers is a result of verified and proven efficacy and safety of laser devices we use in our laser centre.  We use Asclepion Laser Technologies diode lasers for hair removal, facial rejuvenation, and vein and capillary removal. 



Canfield Scientific is a global leader in visual imaging of products and services for scientific research and healthcare programmes in the field of biotechnology, cosmetics and medical skincare. Inspired by their desire to follow the progress of treatments and clinical cases in more detail, Canfield Scientific has become the largest manufacturer of equipment and software solutions for processing and specialization of photographic systems for collecting photo documentation and data analysis. Our Polyclinic was the first in Croatia and the region to use the advanced VECTRA 3D system which gives a simulation of post-operative look before the surgery itself, and which helps our clients in decision making. Another system by Canfielda is VISIA professional skin analysis. With the help of this system we can get a multidimensional insight into individual complexion aspects and the results serve as a guide in any personalized skin treatment programme.


Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton Zagreb is a part of the Hilton Group. The hotel is located at the heart of Zagreb business district, only 2 km from the city centre. It offers elegant rooms and apartments. The hotel is situated in the Green Gold complex in Grada Vukovara Street, only a few steps from the new Polyclinic Bagatin – one floor lower, to be more precise. With its modern decoration, this hotel nourished a unique warm atmosphere and greets its guests with the smell of freshly baked chocolate cookies. All rooms have a panoramic view of Zagreb and fast internet connection. In this hotel you can use a modern fitness centre, sauna and indoor pool. OXBO Urban Bar & Grill is situated in the hotel lobby. This bar boasts creative and tasty culinary offers. Due to the quality of their service, we recommend DoubleTree of Hilton Zagreb to our clients. 

General Project

General Project is a company specializing in designing and building innovative solutions and technological products dedicated to face and body care. For more than 17 years, a team of experts and professionals have worked closely together in order to create top-performance devices which combine other technologies such as ultrasound, laser, pulsating light, dermabrasion and massage, with a unique goal to correct skin flaws and treat skin conditions. The devices are manufactured in accordance with strict European, American and Asian regulation and they guarantee maximal safety and efficiency. The mission of General Project is to ensure wellbeing in all aspects by making top-quality and reliable products which will contribute to the psycho-physical wellbeing and balance. At our Polyclinic we use Med Contour devices for body contouring and cellulite elimination, Med Visage device for non-surgical face lifting and rejuvenation, and Smilitedevice for teeth whitening.

logo keser

After having worked for 16 years in a dental lab, with emphasis on the implant suprastructures, and after having organized various workshops abroad Igor Keser opened the KESER DENTAL STUDIO in Zagreb in 2014. The Studio not only aims at success on all fronts but it also stands for high quality of work. Igor's team composed of top quality specialists will painlessly solve all problems, making the patients feel comfortable in the team's expert hands. They use the latest market technology as well as the highest quality materials to ensure maximum aesthetic and natural-looking results in the patients facial appearance. Their cutting-edge office enables them to offer an excellent, time-efficient, and quality care, with an individual approach to each client and ultimately service excellence.


Planmecais a global leader in manufacturing dental equipment with headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. With their long standing tradition of research and investment into development, in cooperation with top-notch universities and experts, Planmeca offers the most innovative solutions in the field of analytic and therapeutic devices in dental medicine with 4 main guidelines: ergonomic efficiency and simplicity of work for professionals, patient and staff safety, amenity and aesthetics of products, with the purpose of providing a top-quality service in a pleasant atmosphere. The selection of products comprises various units such as the most modern dental chairs and the best class of 2D and 3D devices for digital teeth and jaw scanning, which we use at the Polyclinic Bagatin, as well as different CAD/CAM analytic and software solutions. Planmeca’s mission is to provide functional, resistant and nicely designed products which won’t lose quality with time. Planmeca has recognized a high professional standard of our Polyclinic, the expertise of our team and proven quality of services, which is why we became referral centre for Planmeca products in this part of Europe. 

Pomaganje je uvijek IN

With its activities, the Croatian association "Pomaganje je uvijek IN" tries to encourage all citizens of the Republic of Croatia, institutions, government and private companies, to help others. The aim of this association is to help all those who need help, especially persons with disabilities. With its activities, which consist of informing and education, this association tries to raise awareness of the problems faced by those who need help. With its selfless work, it also tries to encourage citizens and the whole community to join these helping projects, because Helping is always IN. Our Polyclinic has recognized the importance of this initiative and has wholeheartedly joined these projects. In cooperation with this association we have helped the Croatian Deaf Basketball Team, Youth Club of the Croatian Verbotonal Association, Polyclinic Suvag and individuals who needed our help, to lead a dignified life


REVIDERM is a skincare system from Germany. It is based on the latest research in modern dermatology and cosmetology. REVIDERM dermo-cosmetics is a unique skincare line which stimulates skin mechanisms to activate and react faster, thus enhancing the natural skin regeneration process and slows down skin aging. REVIDERM combines innovative science with the forces of nature in order to achieve the best quality the best-quality products in synchronisation with nature. To optimise post-operation results, Polyclinic Bagatin decided to purchase REVIDERM dermo-cosmetics, which completes our aesthetic treatment offers, with the purpose of achieving enhanced results. Our Polyclinic is a referent centre for REVIDERM products which we use in man of our skin and body care treatments.

Sve za nju

The association of women suffering from, or treated for, breast cancer, their families and friends “SVE za NJU”, functions as a voluntary, humanitarian, non-governmental and non-profit organization with a purpose to inform and provide psychological and logistic help to women with breast cancer and their families. This association has initiated and participated in a large number of humanitarian activities with the aim to raise awareness of this appalling disease. With funds they managed to raise in 2010, they opened a Centre in which all women suffering from any type of cancer and their families can find much needed psychological help. The association is still continuously active in many humanitarian projects. Our Polyclinic has given financial, promotional and moral support to those projects.

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