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Removing scars and strech marks

A large number of people have scars or stretch marks, which they want to remove. Scars can be the result of surgery, acne, skin grafts or injury. Stretch marks are type of scar of connective tissue. During sudden stretching of the connective skin, tissue cannot quickly adapt and it comes to damage of the skin. All of the above problems can be successfully treated with fractional laser treatments, which decreases redness and visibility of the scars or stretch marks.

About the procedure

Laser removal of acne scar and stretch marks is minimally invasive, advanced approach to treating scars that gives excellent results with minimal recovery time. Treatment uses powerful fractional laser technology to reduce the visibility of scars without damaging surrounding tissue. The scars are significantly less visible after couple of quick, easy treatments that give smooth and attractive skin.

Laser removal of acne scar is performed using Erbium MCL 31 Dermablate ablative fractional laser that reduces the size of the scar, smoothes the surface and turns raised red lumpy scars into aesthetically acceptable delicate white scars. Treatment gradually creates a new healthy collagen which replaces excessive, irregular lumpy collagen in scars.

The effect of laser removal of scars and stretch marks is progressive, which means that the results will be visible in few months. The scar fades and flattens, and gradually adjusts the color to the rest of the skin. If you have realistic expectations about laser removal of scars, you will probably be satisfied with the results. In most cases, couple of laser treatment are necessary to obtain the maximum effect.

Laser removal of stretch marks and moles
These photographs show the real condition before and after the procedure. The results of each procedure are subject to individualities and normal variability of surgical results. Consequently, Bagatin Clinic cannot guarantee equal results for each individual client. 

Am I a candidate?

Usually, if a scar is more recent (redder and softer), the results of this treatment are more effective. So, if you want to remove a scar, do not wait long. For this treatment, you must have realistic expectations. Old scars will not disappear without a trace, however they will be flatter, lighter and softer than before treatment.

Not all scars can be removed by this treatment. People who suffer from skin diseases such as psoriasis, cystic acne, and dermatitis are not ideal candidates. People who use certain medications such as isotretinoin for acne should stop using the medicine for at least six months prior to treatment.

How do you prepare?

During the first consultation, the doctor will check the condition of your scars or stretch marks and decide whether this treatment is suitable for you. If you want to remove a large scar, consider that it will be necessary to repeat the treatment several times.

During the procedure

Unlike surgery, laser procedure uses long pulses of micro-precision laser light that penetrates deep into the sub-layers of the skin, and treat the existing support structure. After this natural process the body rejects the old, damaged tissue and replaces it with a fresh, new collagen and elastin, key ingredients in building skin. It's quick and easy procedure that is easily tolerated and requires a short or no recovery time.

This treatment treats stretch marks or scars with hot laser beams in order to stimulate the deep structure of the skin below the growth and stimulates formation of new cells that replace scarred tissue with new, softer layer of cells. Because of this, some sensation of heat or burning is expected in the treated area during the treatment, but in most cases local anesthesia is not needed because tissue does not have sensory cells. The surrounding skin near the scar may be red for couple of days. 

Recovery time

Immediately after the treatment, a small scar in the form of scratch appears on the treated area and after that a small scab. Treatment area sometimes protects an adhesive patch, which is removed after two to three days. If the procedure was minor, the patch is not required.

The treated area may be slightly redder, but will soon fade. It is important to protect the treated area from sun exposure at least for a month. We recommend using sunscreen (SPF 30+ ) . It is also recommended to maintain a scar with moisturizing creams recommended by your doctor.


Typical side effects include temporary redness and swelling that may last only a few days. There is also a small risk of permanent itching, redness and blisters risk of pigmentation of the skin, burns and bruises that may result in scarring. Fortunately, these complications are quite rare. As with other medical procedures, required detailed discussion of all the issues and concerns with your doctor.


The package includes laser treatment and Octanisept gel cream for home care.

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