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VECTRA XT 3D Breast Imaging

We specialize for adjustment of each breast surgery to the individual, but it is not always easy to imagine how you might look with different shapes or position of  the breasts. Now we can help you to make sure that you have decided what you like. VECTRA 3D images help you  in making a decision about  a particular intervention. We can easily visualize different appearances, so you can clear up your expectations and be sure of what you want.

Today, before the operation, in 3D simulation you can see how you could look after breast augmentation surgery,breast reduction or breast lift. This device is called the VECTRA 3D photo simulator, and in the region, it is only available at our Polyclinic.

On the device VECTRA 3D patient first sees a realistic, current situation in a particular part of the body. Then, with mapping the anatomy and creating simulated photography, based on a procedure which patient wants, we come to the final result -  the look after cosmetic surgery.

VECTRA XT 3D Breast Imaging

VECTRA 3D has extraordinary performances. The high recording resolution provides a realistic version of the smallest  details, and actual results will be very similar to the simulation, which is made by the surgeon. In breast surgery, simulations are based on the actual implants that doctor Bagatin uses during cosmetic surgery. VECTRA 3D photo simulator provides a certain security for a patient in the result of intervention, and to our doctor is a great indicator of what the patient wants. VECTRA 3D contributes greatly to the communication between the patient and the doctor in the Polyclinic Bagatin. World practice has shown that this  preoperative simulation, through the hands of a professional surgeon, in  the highest percentage so far, managed to get close to the final result. 

VECTRA XT 3D Breast Imaging
Consultation with VECTRA 3D
These photographs show the real condition before and after the procedure. The results of each procedure are subject to individualities and normal variability of surgical results. Consequently, Bagatin Clinic cannot guarantee equal results for each individual client. 

For example, maybe you're not sure to what extent you want to increase your breast size A. By using the last achievements such as VECTRA 3D, doctor Bagatin can help you to compare different sizes of breast implants and see how you could look after the surgery. We will work with you, simulating different options until we find one that will elicit a smile on your face.

Vectra 3D fotosimulation

Understanding the advantages:

  • It is now possible to visualize the corrections on your face and body for procedures such as breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction, chin implant insertion or application of dermal fillers in order to harmonize the proportions of your body or face.
  • You can feel comfortable if you decide for breast augmentation when you know that you can easily visualize how you could look with implants of different sizes.
  • We can easily visualize different layouts so that you can clear up your expectations and be sure of what you want.
  • Together, we can understand your goals and then strive to turn them into reality. Although the results with VECTRA 3D make the potential outcome of your surgery more precise, however, we cannot guarantee you that the final result will be completely identical to computer-generated model, because some discrepancies are always possible.
  • The best part of the VECTRA 3D is ultimately, increasing the total satisfaction of the patient with overall service.

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