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About Dermatology

Anything that damages skin functioning or appearance can have serious health consequences, and dermatology, as a special medical branch, is dealing with skin. Skin care is a prerequisite for healthy skin, which in turn is a prerequisite for beauty. This largest human organ is not only a protection sheath, but also a system that regulates our temperature, senses pains and stimuli, protects from harmful effects of the sun. Due to all its roles, the skin is changing, aging, damaging, which requires dermatological services, that is, aesthetic and medical dermatology.


At Bagatin Clinic, we are dedicated to all skin and body issues, and we place a great emphasis on skin rejuvenation. Traces of aging are treated with the best anti-aging treatments in the world, that you can do even during the lunch break. Dermatology is advancing everyday and brings a lot of innovations in the ways of care and treatment.


Anti-Ageing Dermatology

Changes on the facial skin, neck and decolletage are inevitable with age. But, thanks to innovation, non-invasive rejuvenation and lip augmentation options are diverse and numerous. Wrinkle removal is performed using a large number of anti-age treatments. Bagatin Clinic dermatologists, in a team with surgeons and medical cosmetologists, repair the texture, tone and skin elasticity, stimulate cellular mechanisms responsible for tissue regeneration, decrease pores, reduce hyperpigmentation and wipe out wrinkles.

Medical Dermatology

The skin is the most exposed organ of the human body, and its complex structure  and dircet expore to the environment make it susceptible to various phenomena and diseases. One of the most common occurances is moles which should be regularly checked and kept under control. Dermatological examination is performed with a digital dermatoscope, which is a reliable method in the mole diagnosis. Dermatology also treats issues such as rosacea, capillaries, hyperpigmentation, fungal infections, various skin rashes and allergies.

Laser center

Laser treatments for medical purposes have been used for many years now, and they have found their place among the aesthetic treatments of facial skin and body. Laser can treat a variety of skin problems – from first wrinkles and aging spots, to deeper wrinkles, capillaries and hyperpigmentation, and skin changes such as moles, warts, scars, stretch marks and tattoos can also be removed. Treatments are characterized by rapid results, minimum or no pain, as well as zero recovery time.

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The Bagatin Clinic is Europe's leading dermatology clinic in 2018, competing with 2.638 other clinics, and according to GCR analysis – an international accreditation body. The dermatological team, also the largest in the region, is consisted of dermatovenerology specialists and general surgeons. Our two surgeons are international trainers and educators for the application of dermal fillers and Vistabel, we are a reference centre for 2 of the world's largest filler manfucturers – Allergan and Merz and for Asclepion, a world-renowned laser manufacturer. The Clinic's laser centre is the most modern in the region, with as many as 9 different lasers for all skin problems.

Certificates and accreditations

Our experts

Jolanda Kanižaj Rajković, dr.med.

Expert in various facial rejuvenation techniques

Jolanda Kanižaj Rajković, dr.med.

Dermatologist / Green Gold Tower
Snježana Kramarić, dr.med.

Expert in laser treatments of various skin changes

Snježana Kramarić, dr.med.

Dermatologist / Green Gold Tower
Adriana Maria Camino Varela, dr.med.


Adriana Maria Camino Varela, dr.med.

Dermatologist / Green Gold Tower
Ina Novak, dr.med.

Expert in Renew Lift

Ina Novak Hlebar, dr.med.

Dermatology resident / Green Gold Tower

Client testimonials

Magdalena Divić
Magdalena Divić
Radiofrequency stain removal
I have always wanted to get rid of the patches on my neck and chest which cause tremendous discomfort, but also pain. I am grateful to the Bagatin Clinic for resolving this problem quickly and painlessly, and to finally not have to be extra careful and suffer the pain of dressing and putting on jewelry.

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