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Laser periodontal treatment

Periodontology is specialty of dental medicine that deals with preserving the health of teeth supporting tissue (periodontium) and treating different types of gingivitis and periodontitis. Laser treatment of periodontal diseases is a revolutionary method which provides a minimally invasive therapy because laser energy selectively targets only the inflamed tissue, while the healthy tissue remains intact. 

Periodontium diseases - periodontitis and gingivitis

The most common periodontal diseases are inflammations which cause the destruction of the tissue which supports the teeth. The first stage of gingiva inflammation is called gingivitis and is completely curable. The first symptom of this disease is an inflammation of gums: the gums become red, swollen and painful, and bleed while brushing. Gingivitis is a treatable condition; even though the gums are sensitive, there is still no loss of soft bone tissue. If the condition is left untreated, the inflammation spreads and reaches second stage - periodontitis – a chronic infection affecting the periodontium, which can in the end lead to a complete loss of tooth. Periodontitis is a nasty disease which often presents itself with mild symptoms until it progresses. The main symptoms of this disease are: inflammation, redness, the swelling of gingiva, formation of periodontal pockets, gingival recession and bad breath.

Laser periodontal treatment

Laser periodontal treatment

At Polyclinic Bagatin we use lasers as replacement or supplement to standard periodontal procedures, and the results show that in the long run, laser therapies are more successful because laser beams are more efficient at killing bacteria. A dental laser is also excellent for tooth crown lengthening, as help with aphthae and herpes and other changes on tooth gums and bones. In comparison with traditional methods and surgical instruments, laser are gentler, more predictable and in many cases they provide painless therapy without the application of local anaesthesia. The advantage of lasers in the treatment of periodontal diseases is that laser light precisely targets only the inflamed tissue, so with special endings we penetrate the periodontal pocket and if necessary remove the affected tissue and the invisible calculus under the edge of gingiva, and eliminate the bacteria and their products which cause the inflammation. The effects of laser on oral cavity soft tissues are severalfold. Apart from modelling gums without bleeding, laser energy is more successful at destroying all microorganisms, the treatment is more pleasant as the level of pain is reduced compared to traditional therapy so in most cases there is no need for anaesthesia.

Laser periodontal therapy is recommended with:

  • gingivitis
  • periodontitis
  • tooth crown lengthening
  • gingivectomy
Laser periodontal treatment

At our Polyclinic we use the Waterlase iPlus laser made by the American company Biolase. This laser is appropriate for all tooth tissues: soft and hard, and is the result of a long research tradition whose purpose was to manufacture the most modern dental laser. Twice as efficient as its predecessors, WaterLase iPlus transmits extremely short pulses of more than 1000 W in short spikes of 100 pulses per second. During therapy, Waterlase iPlus combines a jet of water and air together with laser energy to enable a more comfortable removal of caries than the standard drill. Water and air hydrate the tooth, prevent the heat and pain, while the laser beam precisely treats and shapes the tooth tissue without the contact, heat, vibration and pressure that cause pain. WaterLase efficiently treats gums, skin and bones – more precisely and with less bleeding than with scalpel.

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