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Renew Lift

Today it is possible to have a fresh and rejuvenated face in a natural way without changes in physiognomy and without risk to health and skin with the help of revolutionary Renew lift device.

Micro and macro-focused high intensity ultrasound, which has been used in medicine for 50 years, has found its use in cosmetics and aesthetics to the satisfaction of all aesthetic professionals and clients. The treatment has been carried out for 250 000 times, which is a proof of its benefit.

Renew lift  stimulates the formation of large amounts of collagen by means of a controlled tissue heating, resulting in firming, tightening and lifting of the skin.

About the procedure

Renew lift represents a non-invasive method of tightening, firming and lifting facial, neck and cleavage skin.

Tissue at a depth of up to 4.5 mm is heated in a controlled manner using focused ultrasound technology, thus producing large amounts of connective tissue (collagen).

SMAS tissue, i.e. the third layer of facial tissue that comes below the skin and subcutaneous fat, and wraps facial expression muscles, can be treated for the first time.

Renew Lift device uses high intensity focused ultrasound technology (HIFU) at a certain depth within your skin where the regeneration process starts.

Renew Lift

In particular, it operates on the principle of directing energy-controlled waves that emit controlled energy in the skin, focusing it on the exact depth (1.5, 3.0 and 4.5 mm).

Renew lift offers to the operator a choice of four attachments that differ by frequency and depth of focal point.

Depending on the part of the body that is to be treated, a Thermal Coagulation Point (TCP) is created at a certain depth, i.e., the ultrasonic waves are interrupted at the focal point.

At this point there is a sudden increase in temperature (over 60° C) which promotes the regeneration process, tissue tightening and, in certain treatments, the stimulation of lipolysis.

When treating the skin, a process comprising three phases is initiated: the phase of inflammation, proliferation or rebuild phase, and the phase of remodelling.

The device provides the optimal amount of ultrasonic energy at the best possible depth in a completely non-invasive way to produce the natural response of the tissue by creating large amount of collagen. 

In most clients the first results may be noticed immediately after the treatment, and the end result is visible up to three months after the treatment.

A great advantage of this treatment is that results last from one to two years (depending on the problem being treated), while in most cases only a single treatment is sufficient.

If necessary, a correction of areas that need additional stimulation to growth and tightening can be made after three months. This is included in the cost of treatment.


  • upper lid lifting
  • forehead wrinkles removal
  • cheek firming and lifting
  • lower jaw line definition
  • reduction or full removal of eye bags
  • reduction or full removal of wrinkles  in the periorbital region (eye region)
  • reduction or full removal of nazolabial wrinkles and marionette lines (between the nose and the lips)
  • neck skin tightening
  • reduction or full removal of the so called turkey neck
  • reduction or full removal of the so called double chin
  • cleavage skin tightening
  • pore reduction
  • regulation of sebum secretion
Hifu tretman

Am I a candidate?

This treatment at Polyclinic Bagatin is intended for the for people above 30 who want to look younger and whose face is marked by loss of tonus, enlarged pores, first lines and shallow and / or deep wrinkles.

  • Mild tonus loss
    People with the first signs of tonus loss, enlarged pores and explicit tear groove (resulting from reduction of the skin elasticity so the face 'slides' down), a slight drooping of the upper eyelid and a mild loss of neck skin tonus
  • Medium tonus loss
    People with considerable tonus loss, eye wrinkles, upper eyelid drooping, moderately visible nasolabial wrinkles, mild cheek drooping, mild jowl drooping and considerable signs of loss of neck skin tonus
  • Extreme tonus loss
    People with a visible tonus loss, wrinkles visible on the entire face, loss of contours along the lower jaw, visible cheek drooping, visible jowl (turkey neck) or double chin.
These photographs show the real condition before and after the procedure. The results of each procedure are subject to individualities and normal variability of surgical results. Consequently, Bagatin Clinic cannot guarantee equal results for each individual client. 

How do you prepare?

Prior to Renew Lift Ultrasonic Lifting, it is advisable to do a Visia Professional Facial Analysis to determine and define the exact skin condition, degree of UV damage, condition of the capillariesand hyperpigmentation.

It is the beginning of the full approach we represent at Bagatin Polyclinic because these data help us create the best treatments for the desired results, according to the clients’ expectations.

During the procedure

Treatment begins with cleansing of the face using REVIDERM dermocosmetics and enzymatic peeling which prepares the skin for Reviderm Skin Peeler microdermabrasion treatment to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the strong growth of new skin cells in the basal skin layer.


Renew Lift

By examining the face, neck and cleavage, or areas to be treated, we mark the blood vessels in the area of action. 

The examination is performed by a special Vein Finder device which shows the exact position of blood vessels and veins on the skin.

This step is important because we minimize the possibility of vascular rapture, which makes the treatment extremely effective and safe.

Then we outline the face according to the defined scheme, adjust the parameters and select the appropriate attachment.

It is necessary to apply a sufficient amount of gel on the face as this allows the treatment to be performed smoothly. Final care follows upon completion of the treatment. 

Recovery time

The results are close to results after surgical intervention, but without compromising skin integrity, there are no anaesthesia, no recovery time and no pain.

Redness of the skin may appear but it disappears in 15 minutes after the treatment and then it is possible to put on make-up and return to day-to-day obligations.

It is recommended to use Reviderm dermocosmetics to stimulate faster growth of new cells and create collagen.

Corrective treatment can be done after 3 to 6 months in order to obtain the finer end effects.

Also, examinations on Visia device are regularly done to track results.

Side effects

  • a feeling of deep tenseness of the skin
  • a feeling of pinching and stinging during treatment (disappears immediately upon completion and depends on the client’s sensitivity)
  • itching (during treatment, a sign that the regeneration process is underway)
  • mild oedema (a desirable phenomenon, gives the immediate skin fullness effect)
  • mild sensitivity to touching (passes in  2 to 3 days)
  • bruising (rarely occurs, passes in 2 to 5 days)
  • the feeling of numbness in the treated area (most often on the forehead, passes in 2 to 14 days)


Treatment is not done to people with:

  • permanent implants in the treatment area (this does not apply to dental implants)
  • recently  applied mesothreads and hyaluronium
  • malignant illnesses
  • autoimmune diseases
  • coagulation disorders
  • a heart pacemaker and metal parts implanted in the region being treated
  • facial paralysis (nervus facialis)
  • pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • epileptics
  • diabetics


You can check the current price list of the Polyclinic Bagatin for more information on the methods of payment and the cost of the treatment.

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