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We believe that natural beauty is already within ourselves and that it reflects through our character, through body balance. However, we are also aware of small body irregularities, facial skin problems and traces of aging which can diminish that sense of complete hapiness and contentment.

At Bagatin Clinic, we nurture an individual and holistic approach to beauty because we feel we can achieve what you seek and aspire to.

VISIA analiza kože lica

Non-invasive facials, skin treatments and body shaping treatments, at the department of cosmetology are all you need for a fit body and youthful facial appearance.

Our team of top experts offers the latest methods of rejuvenation and care to help you look your best, and at the same time return to your daily commitments with a higher dose of confidence. 



Facial skin is the most exposed part of our body. Anti-age facial treatment is the only thing that can stop your face from aging and creating new wrikles when 'those years' come. Despite the fastest growing industry and many new methods and technologies for stopping the aging process, we know from experience that skin rejuvenation can only be achieved through the synergy of different methods. The results are quick and visible – it will improve your skin texture, stimulate the natural process of collagen formation and minimize wrinkles.


The Bagatin Clinic body shaping centre will take care of all the minor irregularities on your body, thanks to our expert staff, cutting-edge devices and the most effective treatments on the market. Tightening the skin, reduction of the unwanted, hardcore cellulite and decreasing the volume of critical areas and fat deposits, is possible due to the best non-invasive treatments on the market which are loved by famous Hollywood stars as well.

Laser center

One of the most popular laser treatments of the body is definitely hair removal, and lasers were found to be useful for the face as well, as an indispensable tool for skin rejuvenation. Tiny wrinkles which appeared, enlarged pores and uneven complexion can make your skin look older than it really is. Laser treatments use a new and unique laser beam technique for reducing the aging effects of the skin, in order to rejuvenate the skin, break down fat cells of the body and to destroy hair follicles.


At Bagatin Clinic, an individual approach to clients is very important, meaning that any face or body therapy plan begins with consultations and necessary diagnostics. Each dermal and epidermal part of the skin is analysed through a computer system, as well as genetic predisposition for aging from DNA, and for proper combination of treatments, hydration, exercise and diet in order to achieve the desired figure by summer, we offer a nutrition counseling with all necessary measuments and body composition analysis.

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Our medical cosmetologist and a nutritionist are experts for non-invasive facial and body treatments.

Having a certificate from regional Reviderm Academy, they're certified to perform body shaping treatments, with and indispensable mastery gained through numerous completed treatments.

Annualy they perform almost 1800 Med Contour treatments, the number one cellulite-reducing treatment in the world, for which the Bagatin Clinic is also a reference centre, with Zerona and Reviderm dermocosmetics.

We advise and educate our clients, striving to achieve the desired results together, due to which, taking into account the issue, we synergycally connect our cosmetology and medical teams.

Certificates and accreditations

Our experts

Lucija Barišić

Lucija Franjić

Medical Cosmetologist / Green Gold Tower
Tea Premoša

Tea Premoša

Nutritionist / Green Gold Tower
Jelena Čikor

Non-invasive body contouring treatments

Jelena Čikor

Medical Cosmetologist / Green Gold Tower
Anamarija Platnar

Anamarija Platnar

Medical Cosmetologist / Green Gold Tower
Rafaela Mamić

Facial skin treatments

Rafaela Mamić

Medical Cosmetologist / Green Gold Tower
Bernarda Horvat

Bernarda Horvat

Medical Cosmetologist / Green Gold Tower

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