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Nutritional consulting and diet plan

Nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Without the three pillars of proper nutrition, which are balance, moderation and variety, there is a chance that you will not have enough energy for everyday activities, and expose your health to risk. To help you feel and look good Poliklinika Bagatin offers nutritional consulting, which will enable you to meet the health goals and achieve the desired figure. 

What is nutritional consulting?

Nutritional consulting include evaluation of current health and eating habits, as well as the level of physical activity. Based on these parameters our nutritionist will analyze and evaluate nutritional status of your body, measure how much energy your lifestyle requires and develop guidelines that will assist you in the selection of optimal foods and physical activity in order to be healthier, look better and achieve and maintain the desired results. Nutritional consulting also takes into account different health needs related to nutrition and helps you to meet set health goals.

What nutritional consulting includes?

At Poliklinika Bagatin nutritional consulting begins with a thorough analysis of the body condition, current eating habits and current health problems in orderd for our specialists to get the best insight into your health. Consultation begins with anthropometric measuring of the body, which includes measurement of height and weight, as well as determination of the BMI (body mass index). If you want a more precise insight into your health, we recommend  Seca medical body analysis, which will diagnose the condition of your organism with the help of several parameters, that will make the consulting more precise.

During the consultations, nutritionists will talk to you to get the insight into your current eating habits, including the evaluation of the average daily food intake through 24-hour recall. You will be asked what kind of food you normally eat, how often you eat and whether you are ready to change the food you consume. Nutritionists will advise you how to choose healthier food and how to combine food to get the most energy. Besides, the change in diet doesn't mean you have to avoid all the food you love, just to find the optimal amount of the food you love while introducing healthier option to your diet and adopting eating habits that will help you to achieve the set goals. Prior to consultations we recommend you to keep a food diary to make it easier to recall the food you normally consume.

Nutritional consulting and diet plan

Based on this information we develop active diet and activity plans that will help you to adopt a healthier lifestyle. We create personalized guidelines for nutrition and vitamin supplements based on the needs of your body and health that will help you to achieve the set goals. Your individual menu is created for one week, two weeks or a month, and is meant for you to adopt the correct eating habits, helping you to choose the optimal foods for you and combine the foods for the best nutritional results.

Am I a candidate for nutritional consultations?

Adoption of proper eating habits is useful for those who want to get more energy for everyday activities, improve their health as well as lose weight in order to look and feel better. With the change of eating habits you can solve many health problems, as well as mitigate the symptoms of chronic diseases.

Nutritional consultations are ideal for those who want to:

  • Raise the level of energy for everyday activities
  • Improve the mood
  • Reduce and control weight
  • Reduce symptoms of skin diseases
  • Reduce symptoms of chronic diseases (hypertension, arthritis…)
  • Improve the immune system


Nutritional consulting and diet plan

Seca mBCA 515 medical analysis of body composition

At our clinic we use the latest generation of body composition medical analysis with the help of Seca mBCA 515 analyzer, that along with body weight measures subcutaneous fat tissue, muscle mass, percentage of water, BMI (body mass index) and basal and active metabolism. We get all the data on the basis of height, age, sex and physical activity level of the person being analyzed. After the analysis you can get the guidelines for correct nutrition and a therapy plan, which includes treatment of aesthetic defects such as cellulite and fat cells deposits, with the help of clinically tested procedures: Venus Legacy multipolar radiofrequency, Med2Contour ultrasound therapy, and Zerona cold laser. The advantage of Seca mBCA 515 medical analysis of body composition is the diagnostics of numerous diseases such as current epidemic of obesity, diabetes and malnutrition, that serves our experts as an excellent tool for monitoring the results of treatment and health condition of clients. Measurements are processed by six analytical modules and the results are presented in easy-to-understand graphics. You can make a complete analysis of your body without any blood tests, radiation or unpleasant examinations.

You can get your appointment for nutritional consulting by phone +385 1 46 10 225, email info@bagatin.hr or online through the website. In our price list you can find the cost of consultations, as well as the prices of diet 

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