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Sedentary lifestyle, stressful days at work and quick trips leave marks on your body. Lymphatic drainage is a therapy which uses the method of blowing in the air in order to create a pressure on a specific part of the body, thereby it mechanically pushes the accumulated intracellular fluid. The therapy stimulates the function of the lymphatic system to excrete toxins and excess fluid faster from the body. The entire treatment leads to a state of relaxation, cessation of swelling and pain which may be present earlier.

About the procedure

Knowing that the modern way of life despite its benefits, brings a whole series of unpleasant and undesirable things, becomes more and more clear and painful. Continuous stress, sitting for too long without enough movements, excessive weight, unbalanced diet - all of that is a burden for our body. The consequences are a poor blood supply of tissues - particularly the legs, buttocks and abdomen, accumulation of waste products of metabolism, filling and increasing the volume of fat cells, swelling of the legs, the appearance of cellulite and varicose veins.

Lymphatic drainage is a medicall-cosmetic treatment that stimulates the degradation of cellulite, reducing of  volume, better blood supplies to the tissues and eliminating of  edema. Lymphatic drainage, also called Presotherapy, achieves  balance of fluids in the body and better overall health because a lymph-colorless liquid which consists of plasma, white blood cells (lymphocytes) and some red blood cells - that is, its lymphocytes bind to themselves foreign or cancer cells, substances, microbes and expel them from the body. Lymph passes through many lymph glands that are the size of 3-6 centimeters, and their task is to purify the lymph from bacteria by circulating throughout the body.

In the Polyclinic Bagatin we necessarily recommend lymphatic drainage to our clients who come to body sculpting treatment like Med Contour or Zerona and want better effects. Lymphatic drainage has multiple positive effects on our body because it carries nutrients and oxygen from the blood to each of our cells, and in return collects contaminants and returns to the bloodstream so it is recommended after surgery because it relieves pain, long-term scarring, skin thickening and raises immunity in the treated part of the body.


Am I a candidate?

You are a candidate for lymphatic drainage in a case that:

  • you have a poor blood supply to tissues - particularly the legs, buttocks and abdomen;
  • you accumulate waste products of metabolism;
  • your feet swell;
  • you see cellulite changes of cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue;
  • you notice appearing new varicose veins or worsening of the existing.

How do you prepare?

There is no preparation for lymphatic drainage. All you need to do is to relax and enjoy the treatment. Our specialists will prepare a device and the right software for you.

During the procedure

Mechanical lymphatic drainage in the Polyclinic Bagatin is commonly used in the weight loss process e. g. in elimination of cellulite because it is most effective  in the removal of excess fluid from the tissues and in the removal of waste products from the body, which are replaced with healthy  nutrients that come with blood. The lymphatic drainage device works on the principle of intermittent pneumatic compression so called pressotherapy of sleeves that are filled with air at programmed intervals. The massage of limbs happens on the basis of the sleeve compresion filled with air in which compressed air is blown from the base unit (compressor) through the tube system. Each sleeve is composed of several mutually independent air chambers that are inflated in predetermined cycles, depending on the patient's diagnosis. It creates slow pressure waves, and the air is blown out  after the cycle ends. A sensation of comfort and relief can be felt in the treated area.

Specifically, blowing air creates pressure on certain parts of the body, thereby mechanically pushes the accumulated intracellular fluid back into the bloodstream. This reduces the scope of the abdomen and hips, creates a balance of flow of nutrients and oxygen, improves blood circulation and prevents inflammation of the veins, especially in people who usually sit in the workplace.

Benefits of mechanical lymphatic drainage:

  • body is not loaded with drugs;
  • reduces the volume of the leg;
  • reduces leg swelling;
  • breaking and degradation of cellulite (performance improves in conjunction with Med Contour or Zerona treatment);
  • improves circulation;
  • helps in fortifying and tightening of the skin;
  • helps expel toxic substances from the body;
  • application of pressotherapy ontributes in healing processes in the human body.

Recovery time

There is no need for recovery after lymphatic drainage. The treatment can be done during your lunch break and immediately after it, you can continue with your daily activities.

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