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Buttock lift

Buttock lift improves and/or removes excess sagging skin on the buttocks and thighs which are the result of weight loss, aging and gravity and genetics. By lifting and tightening of the skin, buttocks through this procedure become firm, tight and smooth. 

About the procedure

Sometimes the body is a victim of its own success. Considerable weight loss can make huge improvements in bodily appearance, but they can also have the effect of revealing extra skin and sometimes sagging tissues. When maturity or weight loss leads to extra skin in the buttock areas, the buttocks will typically appear flat, droopy or even concentrate the buttock tissue just above the fold, instead of overlying the main part of the buttock where it belongs.

A buttock lift is a procedure to remove excess skin in the upper butt and lower back areas, which has the effect of lifting the buttock tissues to their former position. Sagging tissues are lifted and removed and a flat rear end becomes rounder. Additionally, the aesthetic transition between the buttocks and the thighs can be greatly improved.

Am I a candidate?

The best candidates for a butt lift are patients who are in generally good health and maintain a stable weight through a commitment to a healthy diet and lifestyle. It is also important for the patient to have a positive outlook and realistic expectations outcome.

How do you prepare?

During your consultations, your doctor will gather your complete medical history. You should make him aware of any past procedures that you've had or any past or present medical conditions you have. You should discuss with your surgeon your reasons for wanting surgery and your desired outcome. You will also receive specific instructions for your surgery date, recovery and follow-up.

In order to prepare you for buttock surgery, your doctor will alter or discontinue certain prescription and other medications two weeks prior to surgery. Smoking is discouraged because of the complications it can cause during and after surgery, so you may be asked to stop smoking before surgery if you are a smoker. You will need to avoid consuming alcoholic beverages prior to surgery. You will also need to have lab work completed a month before surgery.

You will need to avoid taking aspirin or aspirin products, herbal supplements and garlic before surgery as these can cause more bleeding resulting in excessive bruising.

You must avoid using skin products for two days before surgery. You should not eat or drink anything the night before surgery. You will be permitted to take your prescription medications with water and brush your teeth the morning of surgery. You should wear loose fitting clothing the day of your surgery. Loose sweats are recommended since you will be wearing a compression garment after surgery which can make clothes difficult to put on. Avoid wearing jewelry and do not bring valuables with you the day of surgery.

During the procedure

When it comes to buttock lifts, there is no one method used by all plastic surgeons. The way your case is dealt with depends on your body shape, the amount of skin and fat to be removed and the state of your general health. However, lifting the inner thighs generally requires short incisions made laterally at the top of the buttocks. Some plastic surgeons make incisions in the front of the groin and on the hips as well. This full circle is called a full buttock lift. After the incision or incisions have been made, excess skin and fat is detached from the underlying muscles of the thighs and removed. The skin is then reshaped and pulled up to the waist over the muscles and drains are placed beneath the skin to remove excess fluid that may cause delays in healing. Once the plastic surgeon is satisfied that you will not suffer as the result of fluid accumulation beneath the skin, you are then sutured up. The loose skin is then pulled up, like a pair of pants, trimmed and then sutured back together. 

After the buttock lift is over, a sterile dressing is applied to the wounds and the patient is placed in a compression garment. A compression garment is simply an elastic girdle that tightly holds the skin in to reduce swelling and aid in the natural tightening of the skin.

Recovery time

After your procedure, some bruising, swelling, and pain is expected. A loss of sensation in the areas treated is also normal; however, your nerves will begin to restore feeling and sensation shortly. Swelling may last over a period of several months. Although pain medication is prescribed to control any discomfort, be sure to contact us immediately if you begin to have severe pain.

After the procedure of buttocks lift every patient has a different experience with the period of recovery, but already the day after the procedure you should normally get up and walk without problems, and after 2-3 days the drain will be removed from the wound. To remove direct pressure on the bottom, you should sleep on your chest or on the side, and when sitting switch your weight to the thigh. You can take a shower on second or third day after the procedure, and you should wait at least a week after the procedure. A project affected area will be very sensitive so that strenuous physical activity should be avoided for 4-6 weeks. You will need to wear compressive corset for a month through 24h and another month at night. It will help you to recover properly in treated areas in accordance with the new form of the buttocks.


Before undergoing any procedure, it is wise to learn about the potential for risk and side effects. All procedures come with the possibility of complications. Some of the difficulties associated specifically with buttock lift include: negative reaction to anesthesia, bleeding, infection, nerve damage, asymmetry. There is also a chance that a second or procedure will be needed if you are unsatisfied with your results.  Complications can be reduced by following your doctor's instructions carefully. By adhering to your plastic surgeon's directions, you will minimize the chance of difficulties arising


The package includes: anesthetics, equipment, medicines, accommodation in for short stay in Bagatin Clinic, medications associated with the operation, care of the medical staff, the recommendations of drugs that will be taken after the surgery, check-up after surgery.

The package does not include: stay in the Bagatin Clinic longer than one night, accommodation costs prior to admission to the clinic, telephone charges, preoperative examination (routine blood tests, ECG, chest X-ray), laboratory costs, drugs that are not connected with the operation, and consultations with other specialists and costs associated with other patients disease, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, thyroid disease, allergy medications, heart disease, etc.

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