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About Dentistry

In dentistry, a digital revolution has been taking place in recent years, enabling a new level of treatments with advanced and sophisticated systems. The Bagatin Dental Centre is one of the most modern centers in the country and the region.

A team of dental professionals is at your service, responding to all requirements using their knowledge and professional approach. With continuous traning in dentistry they're enhancing their skills and introducing world-class innovations and methods into everyday work with patients.

Dental team

Such an approach, especially when it comes to the implantation of dental implants and dentures, has enabled us to win several prestigious international awards as well as the title of 'best doctor' in Croatia.

A wide range of services includes both general and aesthetic dentistry, implant placements (implantology) and prosthetics, orthodontics, oral surgery, all necessary diagnostics and the latest laser treatment methods.


Dental implant center

The loss of one or more teeth can also cause more serious health problems, so their replacement is not only a matter of aesthetics but also of health. Dental implants are the best solutions for the final result of a tooth which will look natural and healthy. They are made of titanium and titanium alloys that feature high strength, light weight and excellent corrosion resistance, which contributes to the wide and varied use of dental implants.

Aesthetic dentistry

Modern aesthetic dentistry strives to achieve a natural and harmonius smile in a painless and fast way, but with long lasting results. A perfect smile means white and symmetrical front teeth and a maximum of 2 milimeters of visible gum, often called a 'Holywood' smile. Fillings are the solutions to minor imperfections, and the irregularities will quickly disappear with the synergy of the methods – teeth whitening and ceramic flakes are the perfect pair.

Laser center

Lasers are used in dentistry as a supplement to standard dental procedures or to replace traditional methods. They are distinguished by gentler and less invasive therapy, shorter treatment, faster and more comfortable recovery, while sparing dental tissue. Healthy and white teeth is something we all strive for, which is best achieved by laser teeth whitening method. And it is as effective in treating cavities and periodontal diseases.


Special emphasis is placed on prosthetic restorations, that is, on tooth extensions. A dental bridge, dentures and artificial teeth, known as ceramic crowns, are at the same time the most common and the best solution. The goal is to preserve the functionality, aesthetics, speech and health of patients lacking one or more teeth. Today, with dental extensions, dental crowns have become the gold standard in dental prosthetics due to a number of positive features and characteristics that other materials do not have.

General dentistry

Health and beauty of your teeth is always our first priority. In addition to proper oral hygene, which is the best dental protection and preventive treatment for most diseases, it is also necesarry to regularly visit your dentist and have your teeth profesionally cleaned and polished. With the latest methods and technologies, caring for your teeth has become much more accurate and simpler for both doctors and patients.

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Bagatin Clinic's complete dental service is accompanied by cutting-edge technology on the market, characterized by excellence, safety and innovation. And uniqueness in Croatia! The quality is accompanied by an enviable quantity, seen in the experience of our specialist who anually install almost 2500 crowns and 500 implants for foreign and domestic patients. They are recognized for their excellent work through new smiles, and prizes also come from the industry, such as the international one for the best jawbone reconstruction by the American Dental Implant Friends platform.

According to patients, our dentists have been awarded the title of best doctor in Croatia for several years. Through international and domestic educations, more than 100 of them in the field of orthodontics, prosthetics, endodontics and oral surgery, our specialists improve their knowledge and introduce new technologies for treatments. A large team of 20 professionals are honored for their work every day through patient's new smisles, and awards come from the industry, , such as the international one for the best jawbone reconstruction by the American Dental Implant Friends platform.

Certificates and accreditations

Our experts

Marin Radić, dr.med.dent.

Expert in prosthodontics for functional and aesthetic dental problems

Marin Radić, dr.med.dent

Doctor of Dental Medicine / Zagreb
Majda Plišić, dr.med.dent.

Expert in dental veneers and crowns

Majda Plišić, dr.med.dent.

Doctor of Dental Medicine, resident in dental prosthetics / Zagreb
Iva Japundžić, dr.med.dent.

Expert for a perfectly white smile

Dr.sc. Iva Japundžić Rapić, dr.med.dent.

Doctor of Dental Medicine / Zagreb
Juraj Turčin, dr.med.dent.

Juraj Turčin, dr.med.dent.

Oral Surgery Specialist / Zagreb
Kristina Pilipović, dr.med.dent.

Kristina Pilipović, dr.med.dent.

Doctor of Dental Medicine / Zagreb
Nastja Asanović , dr.med.dent.

Nastja Asanović, univ.mag.med.dent.

Doctor of Dental Medicine / Split

Client testimonials

Stephen Meyer
Stephen Meyer
Dental crowns, New Zealand
An amazing experience from the beginning. All of the contacts and interactions were highly professional. The level of service and technology is unparalleled. Absolutely no negative experiences throughout the intensive procedures. Many thanks for all the work.
Lowrie McCown
Lowrie McCown
Greater Atlanta, USA
"I want to express my deep respect and appreciation to dr. Mirna Munitic who performed my dental work. Bagatin Clinic has state-of-art facilities, equipment and procedures along with a leading-edge professional staff."
Božica Kovačić
Božica Kovačić
Dental crowns and Straumann dental implants
“Finally, I can laugh with no shame and no hiding! I am delighted with the results and indescribably thankful to the experts of Bagatin Clinic who made this wonderful transformation possible. I can now go through life with confidence and enjoy every single moment of it.”
Ivan Potočki
Ivan Potočki
Dental crowns and Straumman dental implants
“Bagatin Clinic has fulfilled all of my expectations. I am thrilled with the result, professional and friendly staff and an entirely friendly approach. I am endlessly thankful for a brand-new look and view of life. I can finally enjoy laughing with my children without a feeling of shame or guilt. “
Martina Grabovac
Martina Grabovac
Dental crowns
“My smile has always been my biggest problem. I adore laughing, but I had to hide it in public because I didn’t want anyone to see it and notice it. My dream was to laugh freely and enjoy my own happiness without any thinking. I am endlessly thankful to you and I would do everything all over again!”
Viktorija Radoš
Viktorija Radoš
Full mouth reconstruction with Straumann dental implants and All-on-4 zirconia crowns
“My biggest problem was always my smile. I love to laugh, but I had to hide my smile in public because I didn’t want anyone to see or notice it. My dream was to laugh freely and enjoy my own happiness without thinking. I am eternally grateful for that and I would do it all again!’’

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