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Aesthetic fillings

Aesthetic composite fillings are an ideal solution for achieving a completely natural look of a tooth after it has been damaged. They are used in cases when major restoration of tooth structure is not needed, and can be applied during one visit to the dentist office. They are the most common solution when it comes to the restoration of tooth surfaces in order to cure a tooth ad maintain the aesthetics of the smile.

Amalgam (silver) fillings are being replaced by aesthetic fillings which only require the part of the tooth which is infected to be removed, unlike the amalgam filling where it was necessary to remove a healthy part of the tooth in order for the amalgam filling to bond.  

Aesthetic fillings

Aesthetic fillings are used during the recovery of:

  • Caries
  • Tooth crown fracture
  • Aesthetic correction of tooth colour and shape 
Aesthetic fillings
These photographs show the real condition before and after the procedure. The results of each procedure are subject to individualities and normal variability of surgical results. Consequently, Bagatin Clinic cannot guarantee equal results for each individual client. 


Aesthetic fillings are appreciated due to their chameleon effect which makes the transition from the filling to the tooth unnoticeable, and makes it less sensitive.A wide range of shades of aesthetic fillings are available which means that fillings perfectly adopts to the tooth colour ensuring unchanged aesthetics of natural tooth. The procedure is quite simple and in many ways, painless and leaves the client satisfied with the achieved aesthetics.

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