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Male breast reduction

The term gynecomastia comes from the Greek "gyne" which means "breasts as in women." Gynecomastia is a benign increase in male breast resulting from hypertrophy or increased glandular breast parenchyma and  accumulation of subcutaneous fat deposits. Gynecomastia can sometimes manifest secretion of small amounts of milk or a similar discharge. Statistically, one of three men who are younger than 40 years suffers from some degree of gynecomastia, and above the age of fifty almost half of men have enlarged male breasts.

About the procedure

Gynecomastia can be caused by excess fat or glandular tissue or a combination of both types of tissue. Gynecomastia cannot be prevented but it can be corrected by corrective procedures such as breast reduction for men, liposuction or mastectomy. However, it is very important in the diagnosis of gynecomastia  to make an examination by a specialist endocrinologist in order to avoid another serious cause of proliferation of breast tissue.

Am I a candidate?

Healthy patients with an objective expectation of a positive result of the procedure, with an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages are good candidates for submission to male breast reduction surgery.

How do you prepare?

The first step is a preoperative examination of the patient  who  discovers  this type of gynecomastia. The approach to each patient is strictly individual. The anamnesis of the whole family is taken into consideration as well as personal history to try to isolate the possible cause of gynecomastia. Come to the interview and consultation at the Poliklinika Bagatin where they are prepared to talk about your health. You need to talk about diseases that you suffered from, the current state of health, allergies to medications, breast biopsies, and medications you are taking. It is important to provide complete information.

Four to six weeks before the procedure it is necessary to stop smoking. Two weeks prior to the operation stop taking aspirins, herbal supplements or any other supplements, and certain medications that inhibit the formation of inflammation, because their contents can cause significant bleeding.

12 to 24 hours before the procedure: make sure to use antibacterial soap and let the foam of antibacterial soap for about 10 minutes to remain on the part of the body that will undergo surgery in the evening, the day before the procedure, and in the morning. Scrub the breast and underarm area with antibacterial soap thoroughly.
Eight hours before the surgery: Do not eat or drink and remove all jewelry.

During the procedure

Male breast reduction surgery takes two to four hours, after which you will be placed in the recovery room until the next morning. After surgery, you will  get strong painkillers intravenously. Patients sensitive to painkillers may have nausea and it is necessary to notify the nurse immediately when you wake up from the anesthesia.

An incision is made in the periphery of the areola and glandular tissue is surgically removed. When it comes to larger volume glands, fat and excess skin sometimes the incision around the areola is not enough an expansion of incision beyond the borders of the periareolar region of right, left, both sides or down are required. Less complex cases with a preponderance of fat tissue can be completely corrected by liposuction which is mostly the first choice for the treatment of gynecomastia.

Recovery time

In the Bagatin Clinic you will get  written instructions regarding taking antibiotics if needed, analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs and dates of examination. The first week after the surgery it is necessary to avoid exercise, swimming and other intense physical activity. It is possible to perform only light exercise. Wear a lightweight sports bra to protect the wound. Swelling is usually withdrawn within 3-5 weeks. After 10-14 days you will come in for examination and have the stitches removed. Patients who are not from Zagreb are recommended to stay in the city because it is a complex operation. It is important that  the doctor monitors your recovery.


Like any other surgery, male breast reduction is associated with certain risks and complications, regardless of maximum precautions. Possible complications include bleeding, infection and longer healing of a wound. Professional staff of Bagatin Clinic takes every precaution to reduce risks of post-operative complications to a minimum, but a great responsibility for the risks lies with the patient.


The package includes: medical reimbursement for work, anesthesia, equipment and special equipment room in Bagatin Clinic for short stay and routine medications for patients who have undergone the procedure. The package price includes post-operative examination.

The package does not include: the price of the basic preoperative examination and blood test, ECG, chest X-ray as well as examination by an internist, cost for more nights, the stress test, the costs prior to admission  to the Bagatin Clinic, telephone charges, medicines that you take at home, consult with other specialists, such as a specialist in diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, thyroid, allergy medicine, heart medicine, etc.

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