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Dentistry - prices

General and aesthetic dentistry


Digital intraoral imaging 13,27 €
Bitewing imaging 13,27 €
Digital image of entire jaw 26,54 €
Craniogram imaging 26,54 €
TM2 imaging 26,54 €
TM2 imaging by CBCT    53,09 €
CBCT image of max sinus 53,09 €
CBCT imaging 79,63 - 159,96 €



Calculus removal and teeth polishing 66,36 €
Calculus removal 39,82 €
Teeth polishing 26,54 €
Composite filling partial (V class) 39,82 €
Composite filling one side 53,09 €
Composite filling two side 79,63 €
Pulp capping 53,09 €
General anesthesia 663,61 €
Emeregency intervention 46,45 €
Removal of braces(3) 331,81 €



Laser teeth whitening - one jaw 265,45 €
Laser teeth whitening - upper and lower jaw 398,17 €
ZOOM teeth whitening - upper and lower jaw 331,81 € / 265,45 €
Opalescence Boost whitening - upper and lower jaw 331,81 € / 265,45 €
Icon tooth whitening (spot removal) (1) 126,09 €



Endodontic therapy - front teeth (1-3) (2) 79,63 €
Endodontic therapy - premolars (4-5) (2) 132,72 €
Endodontic therapy - molars (6-8) (2) 185,81 €
Tooth extension removal 33,18 €
Biocompatible filling per tooth 185,81 €
Removal of a broken endodontic instrument 99,54 €



Dental examination – consultation and treatment plan(3) FREE   19,91 €
Jaw Mockup 39,82 €


(1)Price per tooth/lesion.

(2)Price per tooth. The price includes an X-ray before and after the procedure.

(3) Includes X-ray, cephalogram and dental photography. Braces removal includes mobile retainers which are charged separately according to current prices in the price list.

Implantology and prosthetics


Straumann SLA implants(1) 597,25 € / 729,98 €
Straumann SLActive implants(1) 663,61 € / 796,34 €
Bego implants(1) 530,89 € / 663,61 €
Superstructure - titanium extension on the implant 212,36 €
Superstructure - zirconia extension on the implant 265,45 €
All-on titanium bar substructure (2)   1.659,04 - 1.924,48 €
All-On-crowns -(2) 1.659,04 - 2.189,93 €
Surcharge for a titanium implant bar - per jaw 663,61 €
Temporary denture 199,08 €
Immediate temporary bridge 331,81 €
Individual titanium bars on implants          1.194,51 - 2.057,20 €
Milled bar      530,89 €



Tooth extraction 66,36 €
Alveotomy 199,08 €
Apicoectomy (1-5) 199,08 €
Molar apicoectomy 265,45 €
Addition to apicoectomy - laser treatment 53,09 €
Cystectomy 265,45 - 663,61 €
Bone augmentation for implant placement 265,45 - 663,61 €
Sinus lift (minor) 331,81 €
Sinus lift (major) 663,61 €
Frenectomy 265,45 €
Peri-implantitis therapy 132,72 €
Gingivectomy - one tooth 199,08 €
Platelet Rich Plazma treatment 99,54 €



Temporary crown 26,54 €
Temporary telio crown  99,54 €
Glass-ceramic dowel extension  99,54 €
Metal ceramic crown 238,90 €
Metal-free Emax ceramic crown 331,81 €
Metal-free Zirconia ceramic crown 331,81 €
Ceramic Inlay / Onlay / Overlay 331,81 €
Ceramic Veneer 331,81 €
Telescopic crown 331,81 €



Complete denture (acrylic) - one jaw 796,34 €
Partial dentures (acrylate) 530,89 €
Complete denture (wirron) - one jaw 1.061,78 €
Partial dentures (wirron)  862,70 €
Anchor (plastic + metal) 132,72 €
Anchor (metal) 265,45 €
Locator 331,81 €



Sport splints 159,27 €
Splint against teeth grinding         132,72 €
Therapeutic splint 364,99 €


(1)Special action price on implants for cash payment, for all payments during this month.

(2)The price does not include the cost of temporary acrylic replacements nor the cost of dental implants which depends on the number and type of  dental implants.

Dental lasers zg

Laser instrumentation of one tooth 79,63 €
Laser clinical crown extension - up to five teeth 265,45 €
Laser frenulectomy 132,72 €
Laser peri-implantitis therapy 331,81 €
Addition to laser periodontal treatment (per quadrant) 66,36 €
zg Available in Zagreb

Payment methods

Payment methods

Installment payment is possible only with credit cards issues in the Republic of Croatia. 

In the event of paying for services with credit cards that are not your own, the payment is possible only with the presence of the credit card owner or with a written and signed consent from the credit card owner. We kindly ask you to acknowledge this instruction so the payment process could be conducted without any difficulties.


Conditions of purchase


To make it possible for Poliklinika Bagatin to book an appointment for more extensive surgeries, each client has to make a payment of a non refundable deposit in the amount of 20% of the total price of the procedure no later than 20 days prior to surgery. The payment can be made by a bank transfer on the current account of Poliklinika Bagatin (Ulica Kneza Viseslava 14, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia; IBAN-HR5824020061100843739; SWIFT (BIC) - PBZGHR2X; Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d.)

More extensive surgeries include all surgical procedures under local or general anesthesia.

If the client is unable to arrive at the scheduled surgery for legitimate reasons, and he timely informed Poliklinika Bagatin at least 48 hours before the scheduled surgery, the amount of the paid deposit can be used for the same surgery within six months from the date of cancellation, but it can not be exchanged for other Poliklinika Bagatin services. Poliklinika Bagatin reserves the right to the paid deposit of 20% of the total price of the procedure and the same will not be returned to the client.

If the client cancels the scheduled surgery and does not inform Poliklinika Bagatin, or informs Poliklinika Bagatin less than 48 hours before the agreed date, the paid deposit of 20% of the total amount of the procedure will not be returned to the client, and there is no option of scheduling a new date for the service of which he/she gave up, neither the possibility of substitution for another Poliklinika Bagatin service.



The client is obliged to use the services from the prepaid packages in Bagatin Clinic within one year from the date of the payment, exclusively at the location where the payment was made. If the client does not use all services from the package paid in advance within the specified period, he has no right to a refund for the services that were not used. If the client for legitimate reasons is not able to use all the services of the paid package, within a period of one year from the date of invoice, Poliklinika Bagatin gives the possibility to replace the unused services for other services provided by the department for which he paid a package of treatments / services or to transfer the unused service to a third party. A third party has the right to use the remaining amount of treatments / services that were not used by the client who originally paid for the package of treatments / services within the remaining period of the year.

If the client does not want to use the paid package for any of the above options, the client has no right to a refund for the unused treatments.

If the client does not cancel the prepaid treatment / service within 48 hours before the agreed date, it would be considered that the agreed treatment / service had been properly completed.

It is especially important to note that the cost of treatment / services that are an integral part of the package is determined in the preferential terms compared to the price that these treatments / service have outside of the package. Therefore, the cost of treatment / service outside of the package is calculated at a price which is indicated in the unit price in the current price list of Poliklinika Bagatin for the month of purchase of the package.



Each Straumann and Bego implant carries a guarantee on the material that proves the absence of any impurity of material, and the guarantee and originality of the implant are proven with the help of the Straumann / Bego passport with a unique serial number. Poliklinika Bagatin replaces an unintegrated implant at the expense of Poliklinika Bagatin only to clients who have had implants made at Poliklinika Bagatin, provided that the client had previously complied with all the instructions of the oral surgeon and had come for the regular post-operative check-ups.

Straumann and Bego have a lifetime warranty on the implant, and 10 years warranty on prosthetic components (abutment and screw).



If the implant falls out, it is necessary to replace the prosthetics. Who bears the costs of new prosthetic work will depend on the reasons why the implant has fallen out. If the implant falls out within 30 days of the prosthetic treatment at Poliklinika Bagatin, Poliklinika Bagatin will bear the cost of the new prosthetic work. If the falling of the implant is a result of poor hygiene, the absence of dental check-ups and noncomplience with the instructions of the dental surgeon, the client bears the cost of the new prosthetic work.



If the prosthetic work falls out immediately after the prosthetic treatment at Poliklinika Bagatin, Poliklinika Bagatin bears the cost of new prosthetic work. If the falling of the prosthetic work is a result of poor hygiene, the absence of checkups and similar failure in following instructions of the dental surgeon, the client bears the cost of the new prosthetic work.



All metal ceramic crowns, metal-free crowns, veneers and wironit dentures have a 5 year warranty in case of falling out as well as breakage of the crown. Acrylate denture also has a 5 year warranty if it is a permanent denture. Retention elements such as retention buckles, or denture ankers have a 2 years warranty. The warranty does not apply to temporary crowns, bridges or mobile prostheses as temporary solutions.



All composite fillings have a 1 year warranty, while ceramic fillings (inlay, onlay, overlay) have a 2 year warranty.
Root canal fillings and root canal revisions have no guarantee because of high risk due to individual variations in root canal morphology.



  • The client fails to comply with the provider’s instructions on maintaining oral hygiene
  • The client does not maintain the hygiene with the adequate products according to the recommendation of the service provider
  • The client incorrectly uses and does not maintain mobile prosthetic appliances
  • The client does not come to regular check-ups at least once in 3 or 6 months depending on the provider’s assessment and instructions
  • The client does not accept the therapy to be carried out in case that during the check-up doctor determines the possibility of developing a disease that would compromise the work
  • The client, after the end of the provided health service, is diagnosed with tooth disease or disease of surrounding tissues, for which it is necessary to perform treatment where it is necessary to completely eliminate or partially damage the work (eg periodontal disease, pulpitis, cyst, periapical process) and those were not visible during therapy
  • a general illness has occurred that has an influence on the client’s masticatory system (eg diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, chemotherapy, radiation in oncological patients…)
  • The client significantly loses or gains weight over a short period of time
  • Damage caused during incidents or emergency interventions (eg fall, blow,collision)
  • Damage caused by poor nutrition and other habits
  • in case of damage caused by circumstances that Poliklinika Bagatin couldn’t affect

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