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Bagatin Clinic's doctors were declared the best in 2017 10. January 2018.


Bagatin Clinic's doctors were declared the best in 2017

Fourth year in a row the portal https://najdoktor.com/ has published a list of the best doctors in Croatia. This list included 10 doctors from Bagatin Clinic!

We are extremely proud that this great acknowledgement came from our most appreciated audience – our patients.

The criteria by which the portal najdoktor.com chooses the best doctors are:

a) total number of comments;

b) the ratio of the number of positive and negative comments and

c) the quality of the comments itself.

We present to you our top 10 experts from three different fields of medicine: surgery, dermatology and stomatology.



  1. Dinko Bagatin, dr.med. - Plastic and general surgeon
  2. Tomica Bagatin, dr.med. - Plastic surgeon of head and neck
  3. Josip Lovrić, dr.med. - General surgeon
  4. Jolanda Kanižaj Rajković, dr.med. - Dermatologist
  5. Snježana Kramarić, dr.med. - Dermatologist
  6. Mirna Munitić, dr.med.dent. - Dental Prosthetics Specialist
  7. Krešimir Doblanović, dr.med.dent. - Oral Surgery Specialist
  8. Majda Plišić, dr.med.dent. - Doctor of Dental Medicine
  9. Ivan Sertić, dr.med.dent. - Doctor of Dental Medicine - Endodontic resident
  10. Marin Radić, dr.med.dent. - Doctor of Dental Medicine

Apart from being top experts in their fields, they will also win you over with their warmth and the love for the work they do, and the biggest reward for them is this acknowledgement! Find out more about our doctors HERE.  

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