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Bagatin Clinics’ doctors once again proclaimed the best 12. December 2018.


Bagatin Clinics’ doctors once again proclaimed the best

The list of best doctors in 2018 chosen by patients from all over Croatia has been published by the portal najdoktor.com

On this years’ list, published for the fifth time in a row, 11 Bagatin Clinics’ doctors have found their place. 

The criteria by which the portal najdoktor.com chooses the best doctors are: total number of comments by portal users, that is, by the users of the service itself, the ratio of the number of positive and negative comments and, finally, the quality of the comments itself.

The doctors were chosen from all medical fields, and, when it comes to Bagatin Clinic’s doctors, the best rated were the following:


Najdoktori Poliklinike Bagatin
Najdoktori Poliklinike Bagatin

Jolanda Kanižaj-Rajković, dr.med. and Snježana Kramarić, dr.med.


Josip Lovrić, dr.med., surgeon


Maxillofacial surgeon:
Tomica Bagatin, dr.med., plastic surgeon of head and neck


Oral surgeon:
Krešimir Doblanović dr.med.dent.


Zlatko Kljajić, dr.med.


Plastic surgeon:
Dinko Bagatin, dr.med., plastic and reconstructive surgeon


Ivan Sertić, dr.med.dent., Marin Radić, dr.med.dent te Majda Plišić, dr.med.dent


Specialist in dental prosthetics:
Mirna Munitić, dr.med.dent

Najdoktori Poliklinike Bagatin

As they say on the portal najdoktor.com itself, their only goal is to create the most realistic image as possible on individual doctors in Croatia based on patient experience. Comment by comment, for the past seven and a half years, together they are developing a base of experience regarding the best doctors in the Republic of Croatia.


We have asked our doctors for a short comment on this special acknowledgement by our patients, and doctor Tomica Bagatin said the following: 

We are especially pleased with the recognition coming from our patients. Only then you can be sure you are doing the best you can and that someone recognizes your efforts. All of my colleagues and I always strive to provide our patients with the best possible care and dedicate them our undivided attention before, during and after their stay at the Clinic. This acknowledgment is an additional motif for the future and for keeping the gold standard we have set.


Doctor Dinko Bagatin added: 

What is most important for us is the feeling of long-term trust we share with our patients, and this acknowledgement is precisely an indicator of that. I am particularly pleased that this tradition continues for several years now and we certainly plan to keep this continuity. Congratulations to all of my colleagues on this acknowledgment and I thank our dear patients from the bottom of my heart!


In the following text, we have singled out several wonderful comments about our doctors, publicly available on the website najdoktor.com:


"I am thrilled with the professionalism, diligence, communication and, finally, with the result after the procedure with dr. Tomica Bagatin. I only have words of appreciation for the doctor who is a great expert, and at the same time, very approachable, pleasant and kind. He has my warmest recommendations." – Ivona about doctor Tomica Bagatin


"My initial fear of surgery, recovery and the final result disappeared after dr. Dinko spent one hour patiently and in detail explaining to me the course of the procedure. I slept like a baby, and woke up among warm, smiling faces with an excellent result. I would recommend Dr. Dinko for everyone who have a need for any type of procedure and I would like to thank him for everything." - Nikolina about doctor Dinko Bagatin


"The best! I had a huge dental phobia, but after coming to Bagatin Clinic and doctor Doblanović, all of my fears have disappeared. He is very professional and made me laugh during the entire procedure; I am actually looking forward to going there again. Every recommendation for the doctor and the entire Bagatin Clinic staff" – Iva about doctor Krešimir Doblanović


"After 6 years of problems with my molars and unsuccessful visits to many dentists, finally, thanks to the expertise and effort of dr. Sertić, I can eat normally!" – Ljiljana about doctor Ivan Sertić

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