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TattooStar tattoo removal - the new star of our laser center 02. October 2015.


TattooStar tattoo removal - the new star of our laser center

Remove unwanted tattoos quickly and forget about ugly scars!

The history of tattooing is almost as old as mankind. It is known on all the continents and in all cultures, regardless of the development level. With the help of tattooing we emphasize personality, but over the time we change our attitudes and thinking, and tattoos often become unwanted. Until the invention of lasers there was no adequate way to remove tattoos, and tattoo removal often left ugly scars. Today with the help of top quality lasers tattoos can be removed completely, without scars and ugly consequences.

Laser tattoo removal

Removes all colors - the best technology for tattoo removal

Our laser center has as many as 7 lasers which treat various problems, and we have complemented our offer with the latest Q - switch laser for removal of tattoos, permanent make-up and pigmented lesions.  is equipped with laser penetrates the skin and reaches the ink particles dispersed in its deeper layers. The pigments are absorbed by light energy and decomposed. Once destroyed, they are removed by the lymphatic system. The treatment with this laser is quick and very effective, it doesn't cause injury or scarring. Q-switch generates extremely short pulses that enable less tissue damage and after-effects of laser tattoo removal treatment. This type of laser works much faster than traditional lasers and therefore the removal of tattoos is less time-consuming.

Laser removal of tattoos

How does treatment work?

During the treatment the probe of the laser rests on the skin, and after its activation the light impulse starts which produces a slight tingling feeling on the skin. The laser arm then passes over the tattoo area. After this the treated area fades. For older tattoos, as well as for those located in the deeper layers of the dermis or those with scars, it will be necessary to combine two different lasers – TattooStar Effect Q switch (Nd:YAG or Ruby) and Erbium YAG laser.

During the treatment the laser beam penetrates the skin till the upper layer of ink or dirt particles which absorb the light energy. Due to the mechanical effect of extremely short light blasts, the ink particles rapidly disintegrate and disperse. After that the lymphatic system of the body easily removes dispersed pigment particles within 2-4 weeks, and sometimes up to several months.

Tattoo removal requires several treatments in order to destroy all pigments of the ink. The next treatment, if needed, is possible in 6 to 8 weeks. The number of treatments depends on the density of tattoo color, depth of color, tone, size and location of the tattoo.

Contact us today for consultations

Not everyone is a good candidate for laser removal of tattoos. Since it is more difficult for the laser to locate the ink in darker skin, the candidates with medium sun burnt or unsunned skin are the best. Those who easily get scars, have autoimmune diseases or take certain medications are not good candidates. 

During your consultations we will examine your medical history, highlighting potential complications versus the benefits of laser removal of tattoos, explain the costs, and determine the number of treatments needed. We will answer your questions and respond to your concerns to introduce all the aspects of treatment to you before you make the final decision.

A wide offer of the best equipped laser center in the region 

In addition to laser tattoo removal, we offer a large number of other laser treatments. Using diode laser we perform laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation and remove spider veins and capillaries from the face and body. Yellow laser is ideal for treating of redness, capillaries, telangieectasias and rozacea, and with the help of two extension pieces offered by Erbium laser we can perform laser removal of moles, warts, xanthelasma, milia, acantholytic nevus and other benign skin changes, while with the help of fractional extension piece we perform the treatments of stretch marks and scars removal, as well as rejuvenation treatments such as fractional skin resurfacing, laser skin whitening and laser peeling of face and neckline. WaterLase and EPIC lasers are used in our dentistry department for teeth whitening, periodontal treatment, and Zerona cold laser is used to reduce the volume of the body and for reduction of cellulite.

If you want to get your appointment for consultation for laser tattoo removal or treatment, please contact us by phone 01/46 10 225, mail to info@poliklinikabagatin.hr or via the online form below.

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