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We invite you to the most modern Laser centre in the region 09. November 2015.


We invite you to the most modern Laser centre in the region

Wide offer of facial and body treatments 

In the past 10 years, discoveries in skincare have enabled a rejuvenation of the most sensitive parts of the skin and treatment of issues which used to be considered untreatable. One of those discoveries are definitely laser treatments which have been used in medicine for a number of years, but now they have found their place among aesthetic facial and body treatments.

At our clinic, with lasers one can treat different skin conditions – from the first wrinkles and old age spots, to deeper wrinkles, capillaries and hyperpigmentation. They can also remove hairs and changes on the skin such as moles, warts, scars, stretch marks and tattoos. Lasers have also found their role in dental treatments.

We are a referent centre for three laser manufacturers – German company Asclepion which is characterized by years of experience in production of the most modern lasers, American company Erchonia, the leading world manufacturer of cold lasers for body contouring and American company Biolase, the leading world manufacturer of dental lasers. In our offer we have seven lasers which can treat almost all aesthetic problems. Our expert laser team is made of 7 specialists and cosmetologists who have gone through a series of courses and training, and have performed thousands of successful treatments with as many satisfied client.

Stručnjaci za lasere Poliklinike Bagatin

Facial skin rejuvenation

Small wrinkles on the face, enlarged pores and uneven complexion can make the skin look older than it really is. Laser skin rejuvenation treatment performed with the help of diode laser known as “Skin rejuvenation” and fractional skin resurfacing performed with Erbium laser are laser techniques to reduce the signs of aging. The treatments are particularly effective on facial and neck skin, but they can be used on any skin area.

Fractional skin resurfacing is a procedure created for removal of superficial and moderately deep lines and wrinkles on the face, as well as small acne scars. Its aim is to completely regenerate and form new, shiny skin. Depending on the depth of laser penetration, the procedures are grouped per the number of days it takes for the new skin to form. The mildest form of this treatment, laser peeling, is one of the most popular Anti-Age treatments in our offer; the clients call it weekend peeling due to its quick results.

Frakcijski piling lica

Body hair removal

The use of razors, wax or shaving creams has become a part of everyday life for almost every woman. But now there’s a long-lasting solution for the unpleasant body hair. The diode laser has become the gold standard for laser hair removal.

The main difference between other types of treatment and the laser diode treatment is that the light beam aims at dozens of hair at once. That means you only need 10 minutes for a complete treatment if you want to remove the hair from your face, while for larger areas you will need 60 minutes at most. Also, the laser light aims at several follicles at once, which reduces the number of treatments necessary for finishing the whole procedure. This extraordinary treatment can penetrate deeper in the skin, and unlike other lasers on the market, it is good for a treatment on persons with darker skin. It is also the only laser on the market which can effectively treat lighter hair.

Laserska epilacija

Removal of changes on the skin – moles, warts, old age spots, hyperpigmentation

Laser removal is the simplest method of removal of moles and other skin changes, such as warts, old age spots and pigmentations. The procedure includes the use of laser light; the beam is directed straight at the change in order to warm it up and destroy it. It is painless, it does not require a surgical cut, or stiches on the skin. Also, with laser removal of moles and other changes on the skin there is less possibility of having scars than with other removal techniques. After the laser procedure is finished, a scab is formed where the change used to be. The treatment is quick, there is no pain, and the results are visible immediately.

Lasersko uklanjanje madeža

Removal of veins and capillaries on the face and body

Broken capillaries are an issue of thin blood vessels which become visible near the skin surface, usually as lines or spots. People who are prone to broken capillaries know the feeling of uneasiness they can cause and often think about how to remove them. The most effective way is definitely laser therapy which can visibly reduce or completely remove the broken capillaries in only a few visits. At the dermatology department of our clinic you can find two top-notch lasers which can solve these issues. The yellow laser effectively resolves the occurrence of redness and capillaries on the face. The treatment is gentle, painless and involves minimal risk.

The diode laser is ideal for treating veins and capillaries on the body. It is equipped with a system that cools the treated area just before emitting the pulse, thusly ensuring more comfort and safety during the treatment

Lasersko uklanjanje vena i kapilara

Removal of stretch marks

It is a great fallacy stretch marks can’t be removed. Nowadays they can be visibly reduced with a combination of top-notch lasers and other complementary methods. At Poliklinika Bagatin we approach the stretch mark issue in a multidisciplinary way, with the combination of Q-switch and fractional laser. During the whole therapy, other methods of stretch mark reduction are also used – mesotherapy, REVIDERM Skin Peeler microdermabrasion and Dermapen microneedle therapy. All these techniques provide excellent results.

Removal of tattoos and scars

On average, one of out of five persons wants to remove a tattoo after about 10 years. This happens due to changes in fashion and style, or just simply due to growing up and growing old. TattoStar is at the moment the most effective Q-switch laser for removal of tattoos on the market. Thanks to its selective working, the beam penetrates the skin and reaches the ink particles, the pigments absorb the light energy and disintegrate. Once they are destroyed, the lymphatic system absorbs and removes them. The treatment is quick and effective and it does not cause scars or wounds.

No one wants to have scars on their body, and at our clinic it is possible to reduce them with the help of Erbium laser. The powerful technology of the fractional laser is used during the treatment in order to reduce the visibility of scars without damaging the surrounding tissue. The scars are less visible after only a few treatments, when the smooth skin is all that’s left.

Body contouring

Since its appearance, the Zerona cold laser has become the number one laser and the most effective way of body contouring in the world, which is proved by the FDA safety certificates for reduction of volume and removal of cellulite.

The Zerona treatment is a unique way of reduction or complete elimination of fat deposits in critical areas. It also reduces the cellulite on the belly, buttocks and hips. The best thing about this laser is that it gives results without pain, operations or recovery time. Zerona is an express solution, which means that in only a few weeks you can jump into a smaller dress size.

Zerona hladni laser

Dental therapies

Our dental team was among the first to recognize the advantages of lasers in dental medicine and to offer laser teeth whitening and laser treatments of periodontal diseases. We opted for laser treatments because they provide gentler, less invasive therapies and preserve the dental tissue, simultaneously providing painless treatments (reduced use of anaesthetics). The recovery is faster and more pleasant. Lasers have many advantages for the clients who have a fear of dentists because there is no classic turbine sound (“drill“) and a visit to the dentist becomes more pleasant.

Lasersko izbjeljivanje zubi

Since we opened the door of our Laser centre, we have performed thousands of laser treatments on our satisfied clients. The goal of our experts is to provide only the most modern, effective and safe treatments in order to assure the best results and fulfil our clients’ expectations.

If you are interested in more information about our laser treatments and therapies, please contact us by phone 01/46 10 225 or by email at info@bagatin.hr.

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