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We have donated two new vehicles to those who need it most! 19. December 2018.


We have donated two new vehicles to those who need it most!

The new vehicles are intended for the Education Center Vinko Bek and SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci.

As a great ending to this month of giving – December, we have surprised the children and the Management of the Education Center “Vinko Bek” in Zagreb and the SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci in Slavonia with a gift they were all dreaming about!

Christmas donation


Through joint efforts with our partners, the law firm Knezović & Partners and the association 'Helping is always IN', this Christmas we have donated two cars worth almost 350 thousand Kuna.

SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci is the second children's village in Croatia. Within the village, eighty children in seventeen SOS families live in SOS homes that have been constructed in just 8 months. They have primarily become a real, warm home for all these children, as well as an educational center that abounds with different projects such as various musical, visual, dramatic, journalistic and dancing workshops where children can acquire new knowledge and gain new skills.


Christmas donation



The CEO of Bagatin Clinic, Mr. Ognjen Bagatin, together with our ambassadors Ana Begić Tahiri and Ivana Husar, and with the attorney, Mr. Zlatko Knezović, handed over the keys of the new vehicle (Škoda Octavia) to the national director of the SOS Village, Ms. Višnja Tuškan-Krupić who was filled with positive impressions:


'SOS Children's Village Croatia has been cooperating with the association' Helping is always IN ' for a long time now, but this year they have given us a wonderful gift for Christmas and New Year for our children in SOS Ladimirevci village in Slavonia. This new vehicle will enable our children to be driven to therapy, various events in Osijek and Zagreb and anywhere else where necessary. Thank you very much on the behalf of all our children, as well as all of us from SOS Village Croatia and the Children's Village Ladimirevci. Thanks to Bagatin Clinic, the Association “Helping is always IN,” as well as the “Knezović” Law Firm. Thank you once again on the behalf of our children, we want you a peaceful Christmas and a Happy 2019! '


Christmas donation


Another vehicle was a gift for the Zagreb Education and Training Center 'Vinko Bek'. Together with the Executive Board member of the Association 'Helping is Always IN', Mr. Marjan Jakobac, we have handed over the keys of the vehicle to the Director of the Center, Mrs. Ivana Rotim. 


Christmas donation


Education Center Vinko Bek is an institution for education and rehabilitation of children and adults with visual impairments. Their students participate in numerous events and travel all around Croatia and abroad and the new vehicle will surely serve them well. All of this was confirmed by their director with great enthusiasm and a smile on her face.


New cars are extremely important for transporting users from location to location, as well as for transportation of goods and equipment. Without them the work of these institutions would be quite difficult, and sometimes even impossible.


Christmas donation


'With my colleagues from the office, partners from Bagatin Clinic and the association' Helping is always IN ', we decided to lead by example and motivate others to get involved and support this fantastic project as well. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a successful New Year!' - said Mr. Zlatko Knezović. Our CEO Mr. Bagatin, continued with a simple message:


'Happiness is multiplied by sharing! Each of us can contribute and give only a small part which will make a difference and make others happy. I invite all of you to join us in our activities and plans in fulfilling the humble wishes of these little people who are just getting to know the world. Together we can do miracles! '


We have captured this special moment with several photographs for a long memory.

And we invite you to contact the following for all of your donations:


SOS Children's Village Croatia

Bullet 5 / III
10 000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
tel. +385 1 4610066
fax +385 1 4618208
e-mail: info@sos-dsh.hr

IBAN: HR5624020061100071558
OIB: 40473432889


Centar Vinko Bek

If you want to donate funds to improve the conditions of the users, you can contact them via e-mail at ured@centar-vinko-bek-zg.skole.hr


We hope this is just the beginning of a noble story and that we will continue to spend these  Christmas days with hearts filled with joy!

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