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Venus Legacy and Venus Viva treatments finally in Croatia 23. March 2015.


Venus Legacy and Venus Viva treatments finally in Croatia

Get rid of cellulite, fat deposits, wrinkles and other skin imperfections with top-quality treatments 

Maybe it’s time you stopped dreaming about how your body might look and turn that dream into reality. With time, our skin loses elasticity. Regardless of your body type, diet and work out plan, the collagen weakens and it becomes increasingly difficult to lose fat deposits. Apart from that, wrinkles and lines on the skin, as well as the unpopular cellulite start appearing. This is the time to think about our treatments that can help you fight those aesthetic problems. 

Venus Legacy radiofrequency and Venus Viva factional facial therapy are new in our Polyclinic. We can proudly say we are the only polyclinic in Croatia which has these revolutionary devices in its offer. They fit in perfectly with the rest of our facial and body treatments because it is the combination of treatments that makes us different and brings us best results in treating all aesthetic problems. The manufacturer of these unique devices is Venus Concept, a highly esteemed company in the world of medical aesthetic technology. With more than 3 million treatments done every year in more than 50 different countries, this is the fastest growing company in that industry.

Venus Legacy radiofrequency

This unique treatment combines four top-notch technologies which unite their forces to contour the body, tighten the skin and remove cellulite. They are: multipolar radiofrequency, pulsating electromagnetic fields and VariPulse and RealTime Feedback technologies. The efficiency of this treatment was proven by many clinical researches, and it has found its application in reduction of stretch marks and rejuvenation and tightening of facial skin. Results can be seen after only a few sessions, without pain or time necessary for recovery

Venus Legacy and Venus Viva treatments finally in Croatia


Venus Legacy treatment is ideal for:

•             Removing cellulite

•             Body contouring

•             Removing localized fat deposits

•             Reducing the volume of treated areas

•             Tightening loose skin

•             Reducing stretch marks

Our medical cosmetologists often recommend a combination of treatments, all with the aim to achieve the best possible results and satisfy your needs. Often with the Venus Legacy treatment we recommend the Med Contour ultrasound therapy or Zerona Cold Laser. Zerona treatment is ideal for reduction of fat cells, while Med Contour can additionally shape your critical areas. We are convinced that it is precisely the combination of these treatments that brings the best and most durable results.

Venus Viva fractional facial therapy

Venus Viva fractional facial therapy combines nano-fractional radiofrequency and a type of SmartScan technology. That is a revolutionary technology, and is can be used to treat acne scars, enhance the skin texture, and tighten and rejuvenate the skin.

Venus Viva is a universal treatment ideal for men and women of all skin types with specific aesthetic problems who aren’t ready for more invasive procedures. Venus Viva can be a perfect solution for:

•             Facial wrinkles

•             Widened and clearly visible facial pores

•             Irregularities in skin colour

•             Sun damage

•             Acne scars

•             Sun and age spots

Venus Legacy and Venus Viva treatments finally in Croatia

Venus Viva treatment

With Venus treatments now it is easier than ever to enhance the look of your skin, without surgery and painful recovery. Beautiful skin is what you want and deserve, and Venus Legacy and Venus Viva treatments will remove all imperfections on you facial and body skin. With these treatments you will get youthful and beautiful skin. If you wish to learn more about the Venus Legacy or Venus Viva treatment feel free to call us at 01/46 10 225 or email us to info@bagatin.hr.

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