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Venus Legacy and Venus Viva treatments finally in Croatia 06. March 2015.


Venus Legacy and Venus Viva treatments finally in Croatia

Fight cellulite and fat cells with the most effective treatments just before the summer 

The first sun rays have lured you out for a walk on a warm day, but you are aware that soon you will have to jump into your spring clothes. A high percentage of women continuously have to fight one of their biggest enemies: hardened cellulite and fat cells, and now is the right time to start thinking about their removal. 

At our Body Contouring Centre you can find the best, clinically proven treatments which will not only take the centimetres off your belly, hips and hands, but will also motivate you to live a heathier life, all without pain, surgery and recovery time.

Our expert team of medical cosmetologists, under the supervision of renowned general and plastic surgeons, will create the best programme i.e. therapy plan adjusted to your needs, which most often includes a combination of treatments, and which will bring the best results and fulfil your wishes.

Best offer of body contouring treatments

We start talking about cellulite and fat deposits when it’s already too late. We can get rid of these ugly appearances only if we act on time. That is oftentimes a lengthy process which requires a lot of patience. Depending on the state of the treated area, some people will need only a few treatments, while other will need a whole package. But if you persist, positive changes will surely happen.

Apart from getting the treatment, it is important to think about what other measures to undertake, because ultimately the combination of everything will bring the best and most durable results, which is what everyone strives for. Cellulite is primarily made of water and waste compounds, so a proper diet and consumption of liquids is very important. It is also important to maintain proper functioning of the lymphatic system by consuming enough liquids and exercising. Circulation is also very important in fighting cellulite, because with good circulation the metabolism is faster, walking and exercising will help you shape your musculature after the treatment and at the same time it will make you feel better.

A famous Croatian actress and our long-time friend, Ana Begić Tahiri, is the new face of our campaign which was created in cooperation with the Croatian renowned photographer Mare Milin. The campaign is called “Your passport for a desirable summer figure”, and with it we wish to present our body contouring treatment offer as a unique concept for solving different problems such as cellulite, excess weight and localized fat deposits. 

Best offer of body contouring treatments
Best offer of body contouring treatments
Best offer of body contouring treatments

Wide offer of treatments and a unique concept

Venus Legacy radiofrequency is new in our Polyclinic, and we can proudly say that we are the only polyclinic in Croatia that has this revolutionary device, which fits in perfectly with the rest of our facial and body treatments because it is the combination of treatments that makes us different and brings us the best results in treating all aesthetic problems. Venus Legacy treatment combines four top-notch technologies which unite their forces to contour the body, tighten the skin and remove cellulite. They are: multipolar radiofrequency, pulsating electromagnetic fields and VariPulse and RealTime Feedback technologies. The efficiency of this treatment was proven by many clinical researches, and it has found its application in reducing stretch marks and rejuvenating and tightening facial skin. The treatment works by deeply stimulating the creation of collagen and elastin, which makes the skin tighten. Furthermore, this treatment improves the artery blood circulation, thus delivering important nutrients and oxygen into the skin, improving its look and stimulating the destruction of fat deposits in the skin, reducing the visibility of cellulite.

Best offer of body contouring treatments

Med2Contour ultrasound therapy is a body contouring treatment which has won two consecutive awards for the “best non-invasive body contouring treatment” at the world’s biggest aesthetic medicine congress. The treatment was developed to help women and men who wish to have nicer figures. Med2Contour is an excellent tool for removing cellulite and localized fat deposits, all thanks to the combination of ultrasound therapy, vacuum massage and lymphatic drainage. Med2Contour treatments gives result immediately after the first session, but the best results can be expected after 3 to 5 sessions or in combination with Venus Legacy or Zerona treatments. 

Best offer of body contouring treatments

Zerona Cold Laser is ideal for destroying fat cells i.e. reducing volume. This treatment boasts with the fact that after only 6 sessions, done in two to three weeks, you will be able to fit into a smaller confection size. During the treatment, the cold laser beam creates a pore in the fat cell; the content of the fat cell leaks out through that pore, and then naturally leaves the body through the lymphatic and renal system, without having a negative impact on the level of cholesterol and triglycerides. Zerona is a fast, safe and effective treatment which is also suitable for people with increased BMI.

Best offer of body contouring treatments

We spend every minute of every day in our bodies so we must take good care of them in the best possible way. With a proper diet, exercise and treatments which will help you get rid of fat deposits and cellulite, the results will show and your body will be forever thankful to you.

We invite you to schedule an appointment until 30 June 2015 to receive free consultations for non-invasive body contouring treatments with our medical cosmetologists who will tell you which combination of treatments is ideal for you. If you wish to learn more about body countering treatments feel free to call us at 01/46 10 225 or email us to info@bagatin.hr

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