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Our clinic celebrates its 20th birthday 11. September 2015.


Our clinic celebrates its 20th birthday

Twenty years of family tradition and providing the best services  

Our clinic celebrates this year 20 year of its existence, and the result of work and dedication of the whole team of 55 employees are two clinics in total 900m2, 18 surgeries, 2 operating rooms, 9 specialists, 9 nurses and 6 cosmetologists. We are proud of our reputation of providing a wide range of excellent cosmetic and medical services to our clients, and of creating a place that combines health and beauty, offering a completely individual approach.

Our clinic celebrates its 20th birthday
Our clinic celebrates its 20th birthday

Family practice

Utemeljena kao Privatna ordinacija za maksilofacijalnu kirurgiju 1995. godine, danas naša Poliklinika svoje usluge pruža kroz čak 5 djelatnosti. Osnovao ju je renomirani kirurg maksilofacijane kirurgije i svjetski poznati estetski kirurg, prof.dr.sc. Marijo Bagatin, otac naših kirurga Dinka i Tomice Bagatina. Predanost poslu i odnos prema pacijentu bile su njegove nevjerojatne vrline, a u predivnom sjećanju mnogih ostao je i zbog „pro bono“ korekcija rascjepa usne nosa i nepca, najčešće izvođenih kod male djece, što ga zaista čini jednim od najistaknutijih doktora u povijesti hrvatske medicine.

Founded as a private clinic for maxillofacial surgery in 1995, today our clinic provides its services in 5 different branches of activities. It was founded by a reputable maxillofacial surgeon and world famous cosmetic surgeon Marijo Bagatin, prof. Ph.D., the father of our surgeons Dinko and Tomica Bagatin. Dedication to work and the attitude towards the patient have always been his incredible virtues, and many people have beautiful memories of him because of „pro bono“ corrections of cleft lip, nose and palate, mostly performed in small children, which actually makes him one of the most prominent doctors in the history of Croatian medicine.

Our clinic celebrates its 20th birthday
Our clinic celebrates its 20th birthday

Doctor Dinko Bagatin, specialist of general and plastic surgery,  is one of the leading experts today in breast surgery and surgical shaping and liposuction of the body using the state-of-the-art method – ultrasound liposuction VASER Lipo, and Doctor Tomica Bagatin, specialist of maxillofacial surgery, is a top expert of Anti Age method, as well as one of the best experts in treatments with dermal fillers and Vistabel in the region, and the best expert for nose and septum correction and specialist in cleft lip, nose and palate. Both of them spent their student days in the doctor office of their father in order to get additional knowledge and experience, that today make them to the most prominent doctors and experts in their medical fields.  

Our clinic celebrates its 20th birthday

Poliklinika Bagatin today

When the youngest brother came, Ognjen Bagatin, the present director and the young manager, our clinic started to move in a slightly different path, but still cherishing the family tradition and culture. Due to investing in people, education, the best equipment and products, today we have become synonymous to top quality services.

The biggest milestone in the development of our clinic was 2013 when we started to provide our services at a new location, the 10th store of the Green Gold Tower. Back then, along with the services of cosmetic treatment, the range of our activities spread to cosmetology treatments and different procedures from the field of dermatology. In the dermatological department the biggest focus is placed on laser treatments which represent the state-of-the-art technology of removal of different problems of the face and body, and a special part of cosmetic services relates to the treatments of body shaping, cellulite removal, as well as obesity treatment. Besides, our offer includes a range of over 40 Anti Age facial treatments, that can remove almost all aesthetic changes associated with aging.

Our clinic celebrates its 20th birthday


We opened the doors of our dental department less than six months ago. As part of the most advanced Dental center in Zagreb and its surroundings we provide a wide palette of dental services and care of the health of the teeth and beautiful smile. The emphasis is put on aesthetic cosmetology, implantology and diagnostics performed with the use of the state-of-the-art equipment, such as dental lasers and 3D orthopantonograms.  

Customer care in the first place

At our clinic we perform an individual approach to each client. From the moment you walk into our premises, you will feel that everything is just as it should be, and we are sure that you will achieve your desired goals, because the whole team is dedicated to their achievement. That's why we continuously invest in the professional development of our doctors and staff. Our doctors actively participate in the work of world famous and renowned professional congresses and events, and, besides, they continuously work on their professional development following the latest world achievements in the field and in the application of the state-of-the-art equipment.

In order to provide the best service we use only the top quality and state-of-the-art medications and equipment and pay great attention to the choice of partners who invest in research, innovations and safety. Great attention is also paid to details in the interior of the clinic which exudes luxury and quality. The interior of our Polyclinic is inspired by the beauty and regeneration and care for the skin, while our experts combine the latest achievements in the treatments and technique to take you on the journey of renewal and rejuvenation.

Our clinic celebrates its 20th birthday
Our clinic celebrates its 20th birthday

Your unique needs will be recognized as soon as you enter our clinic, and the world will stay behind you. You will just have to relax and enjoy the care you deserve!

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