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Natrelle silicone implants for breast augmentation 30. October 2015.


Natrelle silicone implants for breast augmentation

Science, aesthetics and innovations in one 

Breast augmentation is one of the most sought-after aesthetic operations in the world. More and more women in the world decide to have this operation. Nowadays, with effective surgical techniques and great quality implants, the correction of small, underdeveloped or asymmetrical breasts needn’t be an unfulfilled dream for many women. We could say that nowadays, breast augmentation is a safe operation which ultimately represents an investment in the quality of life.

New implants in our offer – Natrelle

For more than 25 years, Natrelle silicone and saline breast implants made by the company Allergan have been available to women in more than 60 countries for breast augmentation, correction and reconstructive procedures. Where both options are available, about 90 percent of women choose silicone implants for breasts. We offer those implants at our clinic, and you can choose between more than 140 solutions created for your needs.

Natrelle collection offers the widest choice of safe and high-quality breast implants. From saline and silicone filling gels, to smooth and textured surfaces, different shapes (round and anatomic) and volumes, women nowadays have more options available than ever. The Natrelle collection includes more than 140 round, smooth or textured cohesive silicone implants, which is crucial for achieving an individualized aesthetic result based on a woman’s body type and surgical goals. You can learn more about the shapes, volumes and textures in our breasts augmentation guide you can download HERE. 

Natrelle implantati

As a leader in medical health industry, Allergan is dedicated to proving the highest level of information to women who are considering having an aesthetic procedure on their breasts so that they can, together with their surgeon, make an informed and reasonable decision on what’s best for them. Science, research and development are basic factors in the safety of silicone implants. Allergan has a leading role in science-based innovations in the field of breast aesthetic surgery – it offers women and their surgeons additional options in the wide collection of their high-quality breast implants. We are proud to say that our clinic is a referent centre for a wide range of Natrelle implants and other products made by Allergan. We carry the title “Allergan Medical Institute” with pride.

At our clinic we also offer implants made by other manufacturers, which are also leading companies for production of silicone implants - Mentor implants made by Johnson & Johnson and silicone implants made by company Silimed.

VECTRA 3D photo-simulation of procedure results

What differentiates our clinic from others are the VECTRA 3D consultations with a unique photo-simulator which shows you how you will look after the operation. For breast augmentation with silicone implants the simulations are based on real implants we use during the procedure which are currently the best quality implants on the market. With the help of these simulations we can easily visualize different breast sizes and shapes on your body and reach an ideal solution.


Vectra 3D konzultacije
Vectra 3D konzultacije

VECTRA 3D gives extraordinary results. High imaging resolution ensures a realistic version of the smallest details, and the real results will be very similar to the simulation made by the surgeon. For the breast augmentation operation, the simulations are based on real implants used by doctor Dinko Bagatin during the operation. VECTRA 3D photo-simulator provides a certain assurance of the procedure result, and it’s a great indicator of what the patient wants to our surgeon.

Now that you have learned about all the innovations and advanced technologies we offer in our clinic for the realization of your dreams, contact us and book your consultation. By the end of the month VECTRA 3D consultation are at a special price of 400 HRK (50% discount included). If you want more information feel free to contact us by phone 01/46 10 225 or by email at info@poliklinikabagatin.hr.

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