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Expertise consultation with a team of experts of our clinic 02. September 2015.


Expertise consultation with a team of experts of our clinic

Special 3-in-1 consultations with three experts 

Današnji užurban ritam života ne ostavlja nam mnogo vremena za druženja i stvari koje bismo voljeli raditi u privatno vrijeme. Pa čak i za posjet doktorima. Kako bi doskočila tom problemu, naša Poliklinika je osmislila posebne Expertiza konzultacije.

Riječ je o novom obliku konzultacija na kojima vas tri stručnjaka, svaki u svom segmentu, pregledavaju, a potom u sinergiji donose plan terapije i ideju o svim tretmanima. Cilj ovakvih konzultacija je pružiti našim klijentima zaokruženu ponudu, individualni pristup te dugotrajniji učinak rezultata.

Today's hectic pace of life does not leave us much time for socializing and things we would like to do in our private time. Even for the visits of doctors. In response to this problem, our clinic has developed special Expertise consultations.

This is a new form of consultations, during which you will be examined by three experts, each one working in his own field, after which a treatment plan will be developed in synergy and taking into account all other procedures. The purpose of such consultations is to provide our clients a complete offer, individual approach and long-lasting results.

Expertise consultations

During the hour of these special consultations you will talk to our dermatology specialist, medical cosmetologist and dental medicine specialist. All the three experts have years of experience and are excellent professionals in the best treatments and methods of problem solving in their field.

With our specialist in dermatology you will make a complete dermatological examination, which includes a clinical examination of the skin with the appropriate diagnostics. Besides, during the expertise consultations VISIA professional analysis of the facial skin is performed with the medical cosmetologist. VISIA provides the most comprehensive examination to identify all aspects of the health of your skin, from the consistent tone of the skin and wrinkles to determining the damage from the sun. Thanks to the precise VISIA visualization of all the factors affecting your skin tone, our cosmetologists use the results to offer you the optimal rejuvenation, regeneration or treatment options for your unique tone characteristics. 

Expertise consultation with a team of experts of our clinic

The expertise consultations also include the examination of the dental medicine specialist, who will gain insight in your current oral health, followed by the smile design, including digital smile simulation with Romexis system, after which a therapy plan will be developed by the specialist of dental prosthetics.

Expertise consultation with a team of experts of our clinic

Advantages of Expert 3 in 1 consultations:

  • Three opinions of experts for all problems
  • Detailed consultations
  • Individual approach
  • Complete offer
  • Time-saving

Expertise consultations are available only as a limited autumn offer, and a number of appointments is limited. If you want to get more information on these special consultations or wish to make an appointment immediately, please contact our staff by phone 01/46 10 225 or e-mail info@bagatin.hr.

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