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Best Dermatology clinic in Europe 16. April 2018.


Best Dermatology clinic in Europe

Bagatin Clinic is the leading dermatology clinic in Europe according to the latest analysis of European dermatology clinics.

Bagatin Clinic is the leading dermatology clinic in Europe according to the latest analysis of European dermatology clinics, as compiled by Global Clinic Rating – an international accreditation body for medical institutions.

The overall international clinic reputation of Bagatin Clinic for 2018. ranked #1 with a GCR score of 4.55! This indicates an increasing healthcare standard across Europe, but also across Croatia.



A total of 2.368 dermatology clinics were included in the study, with the average GCR dermatology clinic quality score of 3.15.


Global Clinic Rating is the leading provider of healthcare clinic ratings worldwide which ranks clinics based on 4 GCR criteria:

  • The quality level of expertise available in the clinic
  • Technological equipment and the quality of medical and non – medical units
  • Range and quality of medical and non – medical procedures and services
  • Patient reviews and feedback on independent rating providers (such as Google or Facebook)


Since medical and aesthetic services are highly individualized, GCR's goal is to explain more closely the process of standardization and categorization of healthcare clinics under evaluation to all its users and potential patients, and the criteria for healthcare providers are set based on patient satisfaction. GCR is the only international independent organization that equally serves the patients, as well as the owners of clinics all around the world. 


Bagatin Clinic's dermatology team is also the largest in Europe. Our specialists in dermatovenerology and general surgeons with years of experience and expertise, together with stat-of-the-art technology, treat almost all body and facial skin issues. By combining technology and individual approach, a comprehensive and ideal program is devised for each client in order to achieve best and long-lasting results.

Aesthetic and corrective dermatology, with professional deep skin analysis on the digital skin analysis system VISIA,  offer a wide range  of services such as Dermapen, mesotherapy, injectables for skin rejuvenation, Plasmage, that is, nonabrasive blepharoplasty as well as the most modern laser center in the region that counts as many as 9 different lasers.

Ivana Husar

Lasers are the best choice for treating various skin problems - from first wrinkles and age spots, to capillaries and hyperpigmentation, and can be used to remove those pesky hairs and certain skin changes such as moles, warts, stretch marks and tattoos.   

Top dermatology clinics

Among this year’s top 10, alongside Bagatin Clinic, two more Croatian clinics have found their place: Poliderma Clinic in third place and Nola Clinic in sixth place. Clinics from Germany, Switzerland, Estonia, France, United Kingdom and Romania have also found their place in the top 10.

GCR index currently consists of 432.984 clinics, with 8.845 dermatology clinics, over 126.000 dental clinics, almost 8.000 surgical clinics, and the data is updated daily. This index is used in 126 countries around the world.


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