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A new campaign of our Body shaping center 07. March 2018.


A new campaign of our Body shaping center

 “In best hands” 

“In best hands” is the slogan for our new campaign of Body shaping center which best describes the message we are trying to send to our clients. A comprehensive and individual approach, dedication and effort are our guidelines towards the most valuable – a smile and satisfaction of our clients.


The ambassadors of our new campaign are beautiful actresses Ana Begić Tahiri and Ecija Ojdanić, our long-time “muses”, who stood proudly in front of the objective of our famous photographer Mare Milin and, filled with confidence, showed their shaped bodies.


Their hairstyles and tanned make-up are the merit of a fantastic and well-coordinated duo: Mijo Majhen and Simona Antonović, most sought after Croatian makeup artist. Ivan Friščić, the renowned stylist and designer took care of the “summer” styling and clothing combinations.


Both Ana and Ecija regularly visit Bagatin Clinic for body shaping treatments which is seen in their enviable figures.

With confidence, they leave the care of their bodies to the best hands of our experts which have for them, as well as for all other clients, devised a completely personalized combination of treatments.

A beautiful body without cellulite

Number 1 device in the world for cellulite reduction, Med Contour Multipower, combines ultrasound and radiofrequency with the aim of efficient, safe, painless and non-surgical body reshaping, unwanted cellulite reduction and skin tightening.

It combines the power of ultrasound therapy, radiofrequency, pressotherapy and vacuum, that destroy fat cells in the interstitial fluid and eliminates them from the body. A beautiful body without orange peel skin is achieved within a few weeks of regular visits to the Clinic, and the first results are visible after the first treatment.


Smooth and tight skin is the most beautiful body decoration

Venus Legacy multipolar radiofrequency is an innovative treatment for skin tightening, but also shapes your body, reduces fat cells and cellulite.

This device combines four high quality technologies – multipolar radiofrequency, pulsed electromagnetic fields, VariPulse and RealTime Feedback technology, thanks to which the results are visible after the first treatment. Without pain, discomfort, physical effort and time necessary for recovery, it effectively improves the overall skin look and helps achieve the wanted, tightened body figure.


A firm body on which each piece of clothing will fit perfectly

Zerona non-invasive cold laser is a unique way for the reduction or complete elimination of fat cells on critical areas that reduces centimeters on your abdomen, buttock or hips. The treatment is completely non-invasive and there are no side-effects or feeling of discomfort and immediately after the treatment you can proceed with your daily activities. The desired results are visible already after two weeks.


A comprehensive and individual approach to each client

As great advocates of a comprehensive and completely personalized approach, we always use a combination of treatments and services from our wide offer. Different technologies and approaches to body shaping will provide best, and even more important, long-term results.


The most modern technology that we use in our body shaping center enables defining the ideal treatment combination for each individual client. The basis for everything are consultations with our nutritionist and medical cosmetologists, under the supervision of an aesthetic surgeon.

The following steps include measurements, that is, Seca mBCA 515 medical body composition analysis which, besides body weight, measures also subcutaneous fat tissue, muscle mass, water percentage, BMI and basal and active metabolism. The obtained parameters will serve as great guidelines for the definition of a completely personalized treatment. Each client is unique, and each issue is unique which requires an equally unique approach. 


Accept and embrace the fact that each of us “comes” in different shapes and sizes, with different imperfections. However, for each flaw or imperfection on your body we have a great solution which will not allow the summer to surprise you.

At Bagatin Clinic you are in best hands!

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