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We attended the World Medical Tourism Congress in Los Angeles 20. October 2017.


We attended the World Medical Tourism Congress in Los Angeles

This year’s 10th edition of the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress in Los Angeles, where we proudly participated as gold sponsors, has closed its doors.

Representatives of Bagatin Clinic, CEO Mr. Ognjen Bagatin, Executive Director Mr. Bojan Pintarić and our Business Development Manager for Medical Tourism, Ms. Tea Hitner have presented Croatia as a new top destination for medical tourism, and Bagatin Clinic as a top service provider for both domestic and international clients.


The role of a gold sponsor, a representative exhibition space accompanied with lectures and panels by our CEO Ognjen Bagatin, have provided us with and excellent image and recognition.

With his lecture on the topic “Bringing more visibility to your medical travel brand” as well as participating in a panel discussion on the topic “Health Googlocity: The Ins and Outs Of the Marketing Health and Wellness” the visitors were presented with a very successful story of Bagatin Clinic and the importance of original content, video formats, online guides, blogs and communication through social networks what we try to do on a daily basis.


During this three-day long congress, more than 150 speakers were given the opportunity to express their opinions on different topics and trends in the medical tourism industry and the provision of healthcare services to international clients.

One of the leading trends that has been mentioned on the congress was the development of telemedicine, that is, the provision of healthcare services from a distance.

In this way the possibility of losing patients due to distance is reduced and the traditional way of providing healthcare services is changing by bringing patients and medical specialists face-to-face regardless of the distance.

Out partner and our big support, both in this and other international projects, is The Zagreb Tourist Board with whom we were sharing the exhibit space. This was also the opportunity to present the HTI Conference for Medical Tourism which is coming to Zagreb next year and will be held under strong sponsorship of Bagatin Clinic.

Furthermore, a part of the Croatian delegation were also Mrs. Maja Rendulić from the RexRea agency and Mrs. Leila Krešić – Jurić, Director of Tourism Sector at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, who was also a moderator on one of the held panels, “Built to Last: Sustainable Health Tourism Strategies for any Destination.”


The presence of some of the greatest world leaders in this industry speaks best about the influence of this Congress. Some of the clinics surrounding us were Cleveland Clinic, one of the best and most eminent multi-specialized clinics in the world, as well as Johns Hopkins Medicine, the USA’s national leader in healthcare.

Among the other 200 exhibitors, there were top international clinics, facilitators, insurance companies, travel agencies and medical travel agents.

According to official figures, more than 2000 visitors had visited the Congress, and we can proudly say that Croatia, along with the fact that it has been recognized as the “hidden gem” in the industry of medical tourism, no longer represents an “unknown” in the geopolitical sense, that is, it is no longer labeled as a small country in Central Europe.

Most of the visitors we had the opportunity to converse with had either already visited Croatia or have placed us on their “to do” lists for their future travels.


Full of impressions and information on how the leaders in this field do it, new knowledge on how to improve our business and become even better in what we do, with renewed partnerships and, even more important, richer for new contacts and acquaintances based on which we have already started to build new business relationships, we persistently go on.

We are presenting Croatia, Zagreb and Bagatin Clinic on another prestigious event important for medical industry development which will be held in Abu Dhabi next month. On the International Travel Week, part of which Medical Travel Summit will be held, Bagatin Clinic will be presented by the same representatives, as the platinum sponsors of the Summit.


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