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Hi-tech dentistry 14. June 2019.


Hi-tech dentistry

The real digital revolution is taking place in dentistry over the last couple of years. Bagatin Clinic opened the doors of their dental center, one of the most modern in Croatia.

Followed by Mirna Munitić, DMD, dental prosthetics specialist and head of their dental center, we went through all the consulting rooms, met with the latest technologies and now we are convinced of how much the dental treatment has changed.

The latest achievements and innovations relate to the use of lasers in the treatments, digital x-rays, production of implants in a few minutes within the Clinic, 360° rotating dental chairs that include massages and the software development that associates the patient with any medical practice in the world.


Laser treatment

Lasers are used in dentistry as a complement to standard dental procedures and in some, they completely replace the traditional approach. If you are afraid of a dental drill, laser therapy is an ideal solution for you. We had the chance to see the work of the laser made by the American company Biolase.

They provide gentler and less invasive therapies, save dental tissue and provide painless treatment (decreased use of anesthetics), while the treatment itself lasts shorter with faster and more comfortable recovery. Most importantly, there is no unpleasant sound that has been traumatic since childhood. Today, lasers can cure cavity, whiten teeth and provide great help in the treatments of gingivitis and periodontitis.


Digital jaw scanning

To determine the correct bite of patient, articulating papers were used. Nowadays it has been replaced with a sophisticated t-scan device made by American company Tekscan.

When the patient barres the teeth in the foil, the device can register (in percentage) where the patient has stronger or weaker bite. It gives the precise information to the doctor, making it easier for him to adjust the bite, determine the therapy more precisely and thus ensure the longevity of the new ceramic crowns or bridges.


Prosthetic additions such as the mentioned crowns, bridges and veneers are experiencing the greatest revolution nowadays. They can be made in a few minutes, which means you can get a new smile within one day.

There is no need for many arrivals to the clinic, waiting for a few days, calling the laboratory or classic taking of imprints.

Taking the imprints of the upper and lower jaw, biting in the wax and making the teeth of gypsum to get a 3D view of your jaw is still an 'old school' process.

For the best 3D view of your teeth, at the Bagatin Clinic, they use the intraoral scanner by Planmeca, world's renowned manufacturer, which is also used for prosthetic replacements. By scanning the tooth, which takes only a few minutes, you get very precise snapshot of it. It is very comfortable for the patient and completely harmless.

New tooth in just one visit

After the digital tooth image is done, the design of the replacement is accessed and then sent to the manufacture. The procedure is extremely fast and enables making of one crown within 20 minutes thanks to the CAD/CAM system.

This synergy of the new technologies enables patients to receive a completely new tooth in just one visit to the Clinic. For comparison, it used to take a few days for the same process. The jaw scan can be sent to a laboratory or any other clinic in the world.


Unique software

Thanks to the unique Planmeca system they use, all dental devices are interconnected to provide patients with a new experience of service and it helps doctors to be even better, faster and more precise.

On top of all that, fully customized dental chairs are filled with memory foam, very comfortable and contribute to the relaxation throughout the therapy. The chairs are rotating and this allows you to choose which part of Zagreb you want to look at during the treatment.

Beautiful panoramic view from the 10th floor of the Bagatin Clinic comes as a perfect end of your visit.

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