Meet our team of experts in the fields of
cosmetic surgery, dentistry and dermatology.

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A wide range of dental treatments and diagnostic services,
for you and your family

Discover our treatments for body contouring
and make sure you have the desired figure for the summer!

Professional analysis that reveals details
and problems of your skin.

Remove quickly and painlessly body hair, capillaries, moles
or stretch marks with the most advanced laser technology.

Visualize your appearance in 3 dimensions!
Before and after the desired procedure.

Read columns and publication of our doctors
in the best Beauty & Lifestyle magazines.






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Our Doctors

Dr. Dinko Bagatin, plastic and general surgeon

Leading expert in breast surgery

Dinko Bagatin, dr. med.

Plastic and general surgeon
Dr. Tomica Bagatin, maxillofacial surgeon

Allergan coach for dermal fillers

Tomica Bagatin, dr.med.

Maxillofacial surgeon
Dr. Josip Lovrić, general surgeon

Expert in surgical body contouring

Josip Lovrić, dr.med.

General surgeon
Mirna Munitić

Renowned expert in dental smile design

Mirna Munitić, dr.med.dent.

Dental Prosthetics Specialist
Krešimir Doblanović

Extensive experience in implant dentistry

Krešimir Doblanović, dr.med.dent.

Oral surgery Specialist
Jolanda Kanižaj Rajković

Expert in different Anti-Aging methods

Jolanda Kanižaj Rajković, dr.med.

Dr. Snježana Kramarić

Expert in laser treatment of skin changes

Snježana Kramarić, dr. med.

Sanja Peršić Vojinović, dr.med.

Sanja Peršić Vojinović, dr.med.

Dr. Katarina Šakić, anesthesiologist and reanimatologist

President of the Croatian Society of Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia

Prof.dr.sc. Katarina Šakić, prim.dr.med.

Anesthesiologist and reanimatologist
Liljana Radevska, dr. med.

Liljana Radevska, dr. med.

Anesthesiologist and reanimatologist
Iva Japundžić, dr.med.dent

Iva Japundžić, dr.med.dent

Doctor of Dental Medicine
Majda Plišić, dr.med.dent.

Majda Plišić, dr.med.dent.

Doctor of Dental Medicine
Ivan Sertić, dr.med.dent.

Ivan Sertić, dr.med.dent.

Doctor of Dental Medicine - Endodontic resident
Marin Radić, dr.med.dent.

Marin Radić, dr.med.dent.

Doctor of Dental Medicine
Petra Pažin

Educated nutritionist and adviser for healthy nutrition

Petra Pažin

Master´s Degree in Nutrition Science

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Why choose Poliklinika Bagatin?

Poliklinika Bagatin is a leading policlinic for maxillofacial, general and plastic surgery, dermatology, anesthesiology and dentistry in Croatia. With their services they are in line with best institutions in the world dealing with the same specialty in the field of cosmetic surgery and dermatology.

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