Radiofrequency removal of moles and other changes

Radiosurgery was developed by Ellman International Ltd. USA, a company which is today a global leader in advanced radiofrequency technology used in precise surgery and aesthetics. This treatment enables the removal of different types of growths of the face and body, with a very low risk of scarring.

What is a radiofrequency treatment?

A type of radiosurgery known as radiofrequency or radio wave surgery is based on cutting tissue with high frequency alternating current. This surgical procedure is very different form traditional electro-surgery and other types of electrocauterization because it can simultaneously cut and coagulate tissue without using any kind of physical pressure. At Poliklinika Bagatin we use Ellman Acu Sect radiofrequency surgical tool which gives our doctors excellent surgical control, precision and versatility. You can see the procedure results here.

The basis of radiofrequency is the use of high frequency radio waves of 4,0 MHz to create low temperature through radiofrequency microfiber electrodes. The difference between this method and electrosurgery, is that the tissue serves as resistance instead of electrodes. That means there is no heating of microfiber electrodes thanks to the low temperature created by the radio wave energy. Instead, the tissue intracellular water provides resistance and vanishes without the need for heating and damaging, as in electrosurgery. Such treatment in tissue results in haemostasis (arrest of bleeding) without additionally damaging the tissue. In addition, there is no hazard or shock caused by burns.

Removing moles and other benign changes

For benign changes we often use a surgical method which commonly leaves a barely visible longitudinal scar. With Ellman radiofrequency, only the growth/mole on the skin is removed, after local anaesthesia, which is injected with a very thin needle under the growth itself. Immediately after the treatment, a wound is formed at the n location of the growth. This wound does not bleed and it is of the same size as the removed growth. Subsequently a scab is formed, and after 7-10 days, a fresh layer of skin forms which in time acquires the same colour as the surrounding skin.

After removing the mole with this method, it can be sent for PHD (pathohistological) analysis to determine whether the change is benign. If not, further treatment is necessary.

Radiofrekvencijsko uklanjanje madeža i ostalih promjena

Advantages of Ellman radiofrequency are:

  • Low risk of scarring
  • Minimal damage of the surrounding skin
  • No bleeding
  • Minimal pain after the application of local anaesthesia

Areas which can be treated

Lesions that are treated include different benign growths, warts, seborrheic keratoses and other growths on the surface of the skin.

  • Face – the technique is particularly useful for growths and spots on the face since it leaves no scars and the recovery time is short
  • Armpits/chest/neck – areas often affected by growth on the skin
  • Arms – for removing different types of lesions on the skin
Radiofrekvencijsko uklanjanje madeža i ostalih promjena

After the procedure

Once the treatment is finished, avoid exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Take proper care of the treated area until the colour of that area is the same as of the rest of the skin. If possible, avoid applying heavy cosmetics on the skin because that can cause a prickling sensation. After-treatment care is relatively simple. Clients are recommended a cream for everyday application to the treated area, while an adhesive bandage is normally worn during the first day, and only during night for several days after the first day.

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