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Laser snoring treatment

Snoring is a very common occurrence and an unwanted form of sleep disorders affecting about 30% of the population.

Several factors contribute to snoring; among them nasal congestion (blocked nose), anatomy of the oral cavity, changes in nasal septum (septal deviation), obesity or sudden weight loss, consumption of sedatives or other drugs, smoking and alcohol consumption.

Sleep is interrupted due to snoring, which is then followed by the consequent development of daily sleepiness, irritation and lack of focus on work and daily activities, and often a decreased libido.

Many scientific studies have found a link between snoring and increased cardiac and stroke risk. Very often people who snore suffer from the so-called apnoea, that is, a short pause in breathing when sleeping, which is manifested by a sudden awakening and gasping for air at night, a feeling of suffocation and increased sweating.

Due to the lack of quality sleep, many people who snore are irritable, out of focus, have mood swings and headaches during the day.

About the procedure

The aim of Romeo laser surgery is to strengthen the structure of the soft palate and the uvula, in such a way that microscopic damage of the mucous membrane is done by the fractional method, into which a large amount of energy is simultaneously applied.

This results in a soft palate fixation (hypertrophy of the mucous membrane), thereby achieving stability during breathing by providing greater resistance to the passage of turbulent airflow during the night.

Laser snoring treatment

Am I a candidate?

One should have realistic expectations for this procedure.

Any person having snoring problem is a potential candidate for the Romeo laser procedure.

A significant reduction in snoring may be achieved by arriving to a number of treatments predefined by the surgeon.

Ideal candidates are those who have been on snoring testing in one of the sleep labs in the Republic of Croatia.

Benefits of this procedure are numerous; however, we may list the most important ones, such as better, quieter, high-quality sleep without waking up at night, cessation of headaches and other symptoms caused by snoring.

How do you prepare?

Before laser treatment at Bagatin Clinic it is imperative to warn your specialist about the medicine you use (as well as those without a prescription).

During the procedure

The procedure itself is performed in local anaesthesia.

After examining the throat the doctor will, depending on the client's wishes, apply some anaesthetic spray on it.

When the anaesthetic starts to take effect, he will extend a small probe over the soft palate and the uvula.

During the procedure, you may experience a slight stinging or burning sensation in the throat. 

Recovery time

During the first 24 hours the symptoms resemble a slight cold due to the oedema of the mucous membrane. You may feel scratching and dryness in your throat.

After the operation it is not recommended to have cold drinks (ice, ice cream or carbonated beverages) because, although it is pleasant, the cold cancels the effect of the laser. Also, drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Complete withdrawal of all symptoms is expected within 24 hours after surgery. For the first 2-3 days after the procedure, snoring will be intensified, which is a normal occurrence due to the oedema of the mucous membrane of the palate.


It is advisable to have larger amounts of mild liquid and to avoid eating solid foods such as dry and grilled meat for the first 24 hours after the surgery.

Complete withdrawal of all symptoms is expected within 24 hours after surgery.


Please check our price list regarding the rate of Romeo laser treatment for snoring and apnoea reduction.

In co-operation with banks, our Clinic provides the possibility of paying in instalments, as well as interest-free payment up to a certain number of instalments.

Find out more about treatment rates, special offers, and payment methods here.

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