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New laser treatments for all dental problems 13. April 2015.


New laser treatments for all dental problems

Laser technology has been a revolution in medicine and it opened a door to new, less invasive ways of treatment, which also bring better results. The laser technology continues to develop and in the last two decades it has found a wide application in dental medicine. Lasers are used in dentistry as a supplement to standard procedures, and in some therapies they completely replace the traditional approach. If you have a fear of dental drills, laser therapy will provide you with a gentler and less invasive option. It also saves tooth tissue, the treatment is quicker and less painful (reduced use of anaesthetics) and the recovery is shorter and more pleasant.

Polyclinic Bagatin was among the first to recognize the advantages of lasers in medicine so we use top-quality lasers of the latest generation. Driven by desire to make sure our Dental Centre follows the latest achievements in dentistry, from now on we offer two lasers of the renowned American laser technology manufacturer BIOLASE, which has a long tradition of making dental instruments.

New laser treatments for all dental problems

At Polyclinic Bagatin we use laser therapy as a replacement or supplement to standard dental procedures in oral surgery and periodontics, as help in treating aphthae and herpes, reduction of tooth cervix sensitivity, and for laser teeth whitening. Lasers have a great advantage in osseointegration (connective healing of bone and implant), and low intensity radiation lasers can be successfully used in the treatment of peri-implantitis (inflammation process around a dental implant), as well as in orthodontic procedures for reduction of pain and stimulation of teeth movement. They have shown particular efficiency in laser periodontal treatments during healing and regeneration, and such therapy has become more successful than the classic method.

At our Polyclinic we use two lasers: Waterlase iPlus and diode laser EPIC™ 10.

New laser treatments for all dental problems

The Waterlase iPlus laser made by the American company Biolase is appropriate for all tooth tissues: soft and hard, and is the result of a long research tradition whose purpose was to manufacture the most modern dental laser. Twice as efficient as its predecessors, WaterLase iPlus transmits extremely short pulses of more than 1000 W in short spikes of 100 pulses per second. During therapy, Waterlase iPlus combines a jet of water and air together with laser energy to enable a more comfortable removal of caries than the standard drill. Water and air hydrate the tooth, prevent the heat and pain, while the laser beam precisely treats and shapes the tooth tissue without the contact, heat, vibration and pressure that cause pain. WaterLase efficiently treats gums, skin and bones – more precisely and with less bleeding than with scalpel.

Waterlase iPlus laser is used for:

•             Caries removal

•             Periodontal treatments

•             Clinical tooth crown lengthening

•             Apicoectomy

•             Frenectomy

•             Peri-implantitis therapy

•             Gingivectomy

New laser treatments for all dental problems

Epic 10 laser

At our Polyclinic we also offer the diode laser EPIC™ 10, which represents the latest laser innovation and which is the result of 25 years of engineering at the American company Biolase. Epic is the only diode laser in the USA which comprises three unique work modes (therapies) – soft tissue surgery, whitening and pain reduction, which gives a versatile approach in dental treatment, and therefore is the most pleasant treatment for the client. It uses only 10 watts of energy, while the power of micropulses enables a more complete and powerful therapy. The time needed for whitening is considerably shorter in regards to other diode lasers on the market today.

EPIC™ 10 laser is used for:

•             Teeth whitening

•             Pain reduction

•             Help in treating aphthae and herpes

Laser treatments provide a new standard of dental therapies which puts safety and durability first. Such treatments are also less stressful and therefore more successful for the client.

If you wish to know more about our laser dental treatments feel free to call us at 01/46 10 225 or email us to info@bagatin.hr.

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