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A new service available at Bagatin Clinic in Zagreb and Split is hair transplantation by FUE method, which involves transplanting follicles from areas of lush hair to areas where hair is missing.  

Many middle-aged men, or even younger, will notice signs of hair loss, and women are also not spared of hair loss. However, female and male baldness types differ in the locations of hair loss, the intensity and age at which this process begins, and there are numerous causes of hair loss as well as treatment methods on a case-by-case basis.

Unfortunately, loss of self-esteem and dissatisfaction with one’s own appearance are often associated with hair loss. That is why the best, and often the only solution for lost hair, is the FUE method of hair transplantation, which is now available at the Bagatin Clinic.

The first step in successfully combating baldness must always be diagnostics to determine the cause first and then suggest the most effective method in each case.

FUE method hair transplantation

FUE (follicular unit extraction) is the most up-to-date and most effective way to make up for lost hair. It is performed with minimal intervention of special needles, without sutures and no visible scars. The procedure itself is very simple and safe – from the donor region, where there is more hair, the surgeon pulls out the individual follicles and grafts them where the hair is missing. Quality and long-lasting results are the reason why patients are extremely satisfied, with the success of transplanted hair follicles up to 98%.

Because the procedure is minimally invasive, recovery is rapid – as soon as a week after the transplant, all traces disappear and patients can return to their regular activities.

The first results are visible in 3 to 4 months, and after 6 months to a year the hair will grow and the pleasure will be complete.

Doctors may also recommend non-invasive treatments such as mesotherapy and stem cell blood therapy as a measure to stimulate hair growth, and in accordance with examination and diagnosis.

An experienced team of experts

Martina Šarec Ivelj, dr.med. and Zlatko Kljajić, dr. med. make up the Bagatin Clinic team for hair transplant surgery. The completed a thorough FUE transplant training in Athens, at Advanced Hair Clinics training center, which has the title of the world’s best hair transplant clinic for three years in a row, and has 15 years of experience and over 25,000 satisfied clients.

Martina Šarec Ivelj

Dr. Šarec Ivelj and dr. Kljajić have been continuously educated for many years in the fields of rejuvenation methods and surgical procedures in the field of aesthetic medicine, and are highly regarded as authors of scientific papers. Hair transplant procedures can be done at both of our locations - dr. Šarec Ivelj expects you in Zagreb, while dr. Kljajić will welcome our patients in Split.

Zlatko Kljajić

Frequency of hair loss problems

All of us will notice hair loss when washing or combing. Losing 70-100 hairs a day is totally fine as long as new hair grows at a healthy pace. But if the loss becomes more pronounced, it is obvious that it is a particular form of disorder. However, for baldness to be visible, it is necessary to lose over 50% of the scalp hair.

Hair loss is a very common occurrence; as many as 50% of middle-aged Caucasians are affected by some degree of baldness, and in old age, baldness affects up to 80% of this population. Hair loss is not just a problem that affects men, because the majority of women, as many as 80%, will lose their lush hair after the age of 60. So, it is not surprising that over 700,000 hair transplants are performed annually worldwide.


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