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Smile design digital smile simulation

A nice and attractive smile influences the overall face aesthetics so it’s no wonder most people want a nice smile. Smile design requires the analysis of facial characteristics in order to create a natural and proportional look, and at the same time it enables you to participate in the creation of your own smile. The primary goal of smile design at Polyclinic Bagatin implies oral rehabilitation which will satisfy your aesthetic demands and ensure beautiful natural teeth. 

Aesthetic dentistry is a multidisciplinary field which unites almost all fields of dental medicine to provide a desired aesthetic and functional look of teeth. At our Polyclinic, a team of dental medicine experts works on the design and oral reconstruction of our smile: a dental prosthetics specialist, oral surgery specialist with extensive experience in implantology, together with our maxillofacial surgeon Tomica Bagatin, PhD, will ensure you have healthy and beautiful teeth. Such a procedure improves the quality of life, boosts confidence and enhances the functionality of teeth, to make a patient feel and look better.

Smile Design

Smile design can include:

• Teeth straightening
• Correction of size and shape of teeth
• Changes of teeth colour
• Correction of tooth to gum ratio

Each mentioned change must be adjusted to face structure so as to make the teeth look natural and nice. At Polyclinic Bagatin we use the Romexis Smile Design system of prestigious Finnish company Planmeca. This system has excellent diagnostic advantages and it enables a complete and simpler visualization of the end result of smile reconstruction, and which ensures improved communication between our dental team and our clients. During smile design, our clients cooperate with our dental prosthetics specialist in creation of their own ideal smile. With such an approach, we allow our clients to clearly express their wishes and expectations, and together with our team create an ideal and natural smile which will result in long-term satisfaction.

Smile Design
Smile Design
Smile design digital smile simulation
These photographs show the real condition before and after the procedure. The results of each procedure are subject to individualities and normal variability of surgical results. Consequently, Bagatin Clinic cannot guarantee equal results for each individual client. 


Smile analysis with the Romexis Smile design system provides a unique understanding of the tooth to gum ratio, gums, mouth and smile in general, but it also takes into consideration the facial characteristics expressed in movement and certain emotions, to make the end result natural. When designing a smile, beside the facial physical characteristics we take into consideration the client’s personality, which helps in visualization of the final smile.

Before the analysis, our dentists will take a digital photograph of you to get a high resolution photograph which will be used to make a projection of your future look. The Planmeca Romexis Smile Design system allows precise measuring and modelling of every tooth as well as adjustment of tooth to gum ratio. On the basis of gained results, our dentists will make a therapy plan to turn those results into reality. The therapy is multidisciplinary and after all the teeth are repaired, we approach the functional and aesthetic reconstruction, which normally includes teeth whitening, production of veneers, ceramic crowns or bridges and implant embedment. With the help of Romexis Smile Design digital simulation, you can be sure you will get the smile you have always dreamed of.

Smile Design examination costs 400,00 kn and it includes consultations and a therapy plan made by our dental prosthetics specialist, digital simulation of smile with the Romexis system.

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