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The most advanced transparent appliance that will transform your smile and life.

The Invisalign® appliance is very elegant  and almost invisible.

It straightens your teeth with a series of almost invisible splints that are specially made to fit your teeth and can easily be removed and put back.When a splint makes the shift for which it is designed, it is replaced by other one on a weekly basis, so your teeth move and create a perfect smile.

About the procedure

Invisalign® transparent appliances are completely custom-made. They are invisible and attach to your teeth perfectly.

Each splint slowly changes the position of the tooth, moving it horizontally and vertically, and can even rotate them if necessary. They have been designed / created to use a strictly defined amount of force at a precisely determined place at a specific time.

At the moment you move on to the next set of splints, your teeth gradually change the position according to the therapeutic plan defined by your dentist.

Invisalign® appliances, i.e. splint sets, are made in America using the unique, patented, multilayer SmartTrack® material.


Why exactly Invisalign®?

Invisalign® transparent appliances come from an American company dedicated to continuous innovation, with 20 years of clinical research and over 700 patents. None of the transparent appliances on the market have been based and tested on 4 million cases.

  •   Up to 50% shorter required treatment time
  •   By changing the splints on a weekly basis, you are closer to the smile you want to achieve
  •   You don't need to go to the dentist as often, because you get 7 to 8 different splints right away
  •   Proven results 
  •   SmartTrack® material and SmartForce® technology have been clinically proven to predict the movement of      your teeth
  •   Better grip, greater comfort and pleasure
  •   Possibility of independent removal and placing of the appliance as needed
  •  Effective in complicated cases. With innovations like this, your dentist can move your teeth much more           precisely and see the results at each stage of treatment
  •  A unique appliance for your teens - during the treatment process, teenagers have more confidence than when   they are wearing a regular appliance
  •  Special points on splints for teenagers that serve as indicators of material wear, that is, control the proper wearing of the appliance

Am I a candidate?

They have been designed for both children and adults. Teenagers reveal their best and most beautiful smile through this unique treatment developed for them only, while adults get the smile they have always wanted without having to put their social life on hold.

It has been clinically proven that the Invisalign® appliance and the theatment itself are a very effective treatment for a wide range of cases, from simple to somewhat more complicated ones.


Gaps between teeth
The causes of a (greater) gap between teeth may be disorders of growth and development, orthodontic anomalies, variations is size and tooth tilting, pathological conditions, and many other factors such as tooth loss, which cause the other teeth to move.

Abnormal bite
It occurs when the upper and lower jaw teeth do not sit completely on top of each other, as they should under ideal conditions, more precisely, there is an overlap. It is caused by genetics, poor oral habits or excessive development of the bone that supports the teeth. It can lead to bite problems,  irritation, excessive wear of the lower teeth, and can cause great pain in the joints during chewing. An abnormal bite or any order anomaly of the teeth leads to the need for repair, upgrading or, ultimately, the extraction of teeth.

Open bite
When the patient bites, there is a space of different size between the upper and lower teeth. It is mostly caused by genetics or excessive thumb / pacifier sucking in small children. An open bite can also cause painful chewing, and even a disorder in speech and pronunciation of particular words.

Crowded teeth (compression)
Dental compression is one of the most common orthodontic irregularities. It is reflected in the lack of space needed to correctly arrange all teeth in the tooth archs. Also, it is the result of a discrepancy in the size of the tooth width and the available space for the arrangement of teeth in the alveolar ridge. This can be presented as the relationship between the size of the tooth and the tooth crest. It can result in tooth decay, plaque accumulation in inaccessible places, and the possibility of gum disease is increased.

A crossbite occurs where upon biting the upper back teeth touch the internal buccal cusps of the lower back teeth. It occurs when the upper teeth are inclined inwards or when the upper jaw is narrower than the lower one and can grip one or both sides of the mouth.

During the procedure

Choosing Invisalign® Teeth Irregularity Treatment is an important dental and financial decision, so it is important to find a real dentist.

After a detailed examination at your first consultation, your dentist will, tell you what your problem is and whether the Invisalign® appliance is a good choice for you.

The dentist will examine your teeth in detail and create an individual therapeutic plan based on your prints. The program allows you to accurately determine the time needed to adjust the bite and to define your progression in advance, week by week.

You will be able to see how your teeth are moving over time and you will get a prediction of the final result.

After the appliance, i.e. the splints are made, it is necessary to carry them 20 to 22 hours a day to get the best results; they are to be removed only during meals and while brushing the teeth.

As you wear each new set of splints, your teeth move gently and accurately according to a predefined plan. Your dentist may recommend changing the splints every week (which you get pre-made) and book several checkups in advance.

At each stage you will be able to see your own progress and look forward to the final result.


Recovery time

Once you have finished with the therapy, it is a recommended you wear a Vivera retainer. It is made of the same material as the splints and it is also completely customized to your teeth.

In addition to being soft and comfortable to wear, the transparent braces or splints can be easily removed. This means that you can keep doing whatever you have been doing so far, from brushing to enjoying your favorite food.

In special occasions, just take out your splint and put it back when you are ready. Although, even when you wear it most people will not notice it because it is almost transparent.

If you are doing sports, you do not have to worry about potential injuries that may occur, more specifically, about the possibility of wires scratching your lips or gums.

Also, if the sport you are doing requires a mouthguard, just remove the appliance and place the necessary sportswear.



When wearing the appliance, it is recommended you do not smoke, not consume hot foods or beverages, and not consume coloured foods such as turmeric.
Simply clean the splint itself. Just rinse it with water and / or wash it with a brush before bedtime.

There is no injury to the gums due to broken wires and brackets. There is no pain caused by the straining of wires and brackets.

The decision to wear the Invisalign® appliance is easier when you know that during treatment you can have a normal life, just the way you want it.

You do not have to worry about the irritation of gums and lips that other appliances may cause.


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