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Child (paediatric) dentistry

Paedodontics or paediatric dentistry is part of dentistry dealing with prevention and treatment of children's teeth. Children's oral health starts with correct oral hygiene maintenance habits which children can acquire at early age, and in that way prevent caries from occurring on baby teeth, and later on adult teeth.  

First visit to the dentist

The first visit to the dentist should be planned from early age at one, when the first baby teeth start to grow.  This early approach helps detection on time of possible oral health problems of the child, and parents can also inform themselves about the importance of preventative measures such as correct teeth brushing and choosing a right toothpaste and toothbrush. Healthy baby teeth are extremely important because they keep room for permanent teeth and direct their growth, and at the same time they facilitate the correct jaw development. Regular visits to the dentist office help timely detection of orthodontic anomalies at the child's earliest age.

Child dentistry

The first encounter of the child with a dental clinic should include meeting the dentist, the clinic, the instruments and introduce the child with proper dental hygiene. On this first visit there should not be a procedure which could cause a negative reaction and “fear from dentist“. During the first visit, we try to establish a feeling of trust between the child and the dentist, while closely cooperating with the parents in order to make the first visit to the clinic as comfortable and relaxed for the child as possible. Therefore, it is important that the first visit takes place when there is no need for a dental treatment in order for the child to perceive the visit to the clinic as a natural thing, and when a need for therapy arises, the child will be ready to go through a certain procedure without fear.

At Polyclinic Bagatin, when visiting our dentists you can expect:

  1. During the first visit we work on developing a trust between the child and the dentist. For this reason it is important the first visit happens when there is still no need for dental treatment. This way, a child will see visiting a dentist as something completely natural.
  2. If the child is still very young and can’t brush his/her teeth by his/her self, we teach parents how to take care of your child’s first teeth and how to ease their eruption without nervousness and unpleasantness.
  3. We introduce the children who are old enough to brush their own teeth with teeth in general and how to properly maintain oral hygiene.
  4. With interesting illustrations and stories we encourage children to learn about caries and importance of regular and proper brushing, and through playing we try to examine their current state of teeth and gums.
  5. At our Polyclinic all the children who are brave enough to accept therapy are awarded a special diploma for bravery.
  6. After the visit, the children are given their first package for teeth maintenance and further instructions on how to continue brushing teeth at home.
Child dentistry


Baby teeth

Baby teeth start growing around the sixth month of life, and when the child reaches the third year all 20 baby teeth will be in the mouth. It is very important to preserve baby teeth because they keep room for permanent teeth and direct how they emerge. In case of a premature loss of baby teeth, there could occur incorrect placement of permanent teeth and different orthodontic anomalies.

Child dentistry

Permanent teeth resorb the roots of their baby predecessors which become loose and fall out.  In cases where tooth has difficulties with falling, the dentist can pull the baby teeth out.



The best prevention of caries is fluoride that protects the tooth enamel, makes it more resistant and helps with remineralisation of tissue which stops the initial caries. Fluoridation increases the protection of teeth against caries and reduces development of bacteria, increases the quantity and quality of saliva and makes the teeth healthier. Fluoride in form of liquid, gel or varnish is applied to baby and permanent teeth, the procedure itself is quick and painless, as well as a great method to prevent caries on young teeth.


Sealant fillings or fissure sealing

Sealing of fissures is a preventive procedure by which we tend to prevent caries on newly erupted permanent teeth. Fissures are cracks on the crown of the tooth located between the cusps of the teeth. The shape and depth of the fissures vary in individuals and can increase the risk of tooth decay, deep and thin fissures are suitable places for plaque build-up. Completely pain free and without “grinding” the teeth, fissures of the teeth are cleaned and sealed with composite material or glass ionomer cement which matches the colour of the tooth and in no way changes the aesthetics.  It is recommended to apply the sealing procedure soon after the eruption of a permanent tooth.

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