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Damon orthodontic appliance

A beautiful smile is more than a mere aesthetic - it is a pledge of good health in general.

The smile is specially 'designed' to improve the general state of the face of each individual patient.

By using mild biological forces, Damon's fixed appliance gives you a natural, full and wide smile.

Brackets that need to be tightened and cause pain in patients are now just a thing of the past.

A revolutionary new approach in orthodontics provides patients with a much higher degree of comfort throughout the therapy.

Damon orthodontic appliance
These photographs show the real condition before and after the procedure. The results of each procedure are subject to individualities and normal variability of surgical results. Consequently, Bagatin Clinic cannot guarantee equal results for each individual client. 


The reason for this is the unique technology of sliding mechanics present in the Damon System - self-ligating brackets that allow orthodontists to use extremely gentle forces to move the teeth into the right position.

Self-ligating tehnika je fiksna ortodontska tehnika.

Damon orthodontic appliance

The self-ligating technique is a technique used on fixed orthodontic appliances.

In these brackets, unlike in conventional ones, there is a clip that closes the wire inside the bracket, as a kind of a door, which allows the orthodontist to bind the wire to the slot without ligatures, which significantly simplifies the process.

It creates less friction, less pain and less force, which is essential for  healthy gums and the bone through which the tooth travels during the functional shift. It also reduces the number of checkups and office time.

They are simpler, more comfortable and better, both for the patient and the orthodontist.

With the Damon fixed appliance, the duration of therapy is often shorter than that of a conventional appliance (studies have shown up to 6 months), and shorter therapy time means fewer visits for checkups.

The therapy itself is much more comfortable for the patient because they do not feel the slightest discomfort.

Damon orthodontic appliance

The Damon bracket and wire system can often spread the jaw more than other systems and it is often unnecessary to extract compressed teeth when using this system. It is also possible to compensate for a surgical case and avoid surgical therapy, of course if the bone, ie. the width of the alveolar ridge, allows it.

You can get a broad smile that other systems are not able to create.

This bracket system is the only one that can entirely individualize the therapy plan because it has the option of selecting brackets specifically for each tooth. 

Advantages of Damon Self-Locking Brackets:

  • top aesthetics
  • often without teeth removal
  • painless
  • top results
  • improvement in the appearance of the entire face, especially the middle third of the face
  • wide smile with visible molars
  • less time needed to change the wires, resulting in shorter checkups
  • low friction between the bracket and the wire (better and faster tooth movement)
  • shorter therapy and less frequent checkup visits
  • easier and more efficient maintenance of hygiene
  • uses a weak force to save the periodontal ligament

Damon locks have been designed to be discreet, comfortable and easy to clean.
There is no need for rubbers that attract and retain tartar, which makes it extremely easy to maintain tooth hygiene during therapy. For patients requiring uncompromising aesthetics, Damon Clear Transparent Brackets are available.

Damon orthodontic appliance

Damon Clear is almost invisible and uses brackets that do not have to be tightened, so they are mild to the tooth and gums.

This so-called 'passive' sliding mechanism holds the wire inside the brackets, allowing the wires free movement.

Thus, the teeth are less sensitive and there is no strong pain while wearing them due to the use of weak forces during dental shift.

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