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Mesothreads for face lifting

With age our skin loses collagen and elastin, which are the most responsible for preserving the vitality of the skin. Mesothreads strengthen and raise the tissues of the face and body by using biodegradable or 3D threads, which stimulate the production of collagen. Mesothreads procedure is a minimally invasive technique for lifting, and can be perfectly combined with other methods of rejuvenation.

About the procedure

Mesothreads represent innovative method of rejuvenation and skin tightening with effect of a face lift, which successfully solves the problem of loss of facial contours. It is a specially designed degradable fiber for face lifting, contouring and revitalizing the skin of the face and body. Using a very thin needle, mesothreads are inserted under the skin to form a support network that stimulates the production of new collagen.

Mesothreads for face lifting

This non-invasive method is used to correct wrinkles, lines, folds of skin, correct „hanging pads" in the lower jaw. Also, it is possible to raise eyebrows and fill circles under the eyes, and give back your face fresher look. The result is regenerated skin which has a distinctly improved structure and quality - the skin becomes fuller, firmer and smoother, and the wrinkles become less visible or disappear entirely. Mesothreads remain under the skin, and completely decompose in about 6 to 8 months. The first results are possible to see 40 to 60 days after the procedure, and the results last for about 2 years.

Benefits of mesothreads:

  • minimally invasive method
  • without cuts and scars
  • safe and fast method
  • stimulates the formation of new collagen
  • constructed of a biocompatible material which decomposes 6-8 months
  • give the effect of a mild facelift without surgery with a natural look after treatment

Am I a candidate?

You are the ideal candidate for the procedure if you want to soften wrinkles, tighten facial features and restore the vital and youthful look. Mesothreads achieve excellent results in filling nasolabial wrinkles. Mesothreads are used to correct wrinkles, folds of skin, correcting " hanging pads " in the lower jaw, and to give entire face a fresher look. Treatment with mesothreads proved to be a good method for clients who desire more vital and firm chin. Mesothreads are inserted under the skin with needles and create a new network of collagen which tightens and regenerate skin.

How do you prepare?

A few days prior to treatment, you should not take medication based acetylsalicylic acid (such as aspirin).

During the procedure

Mesothreads treatment is minimally painful so during the treatment only anesthetic cream is required. Rarely, if procedure is more extensive local anesthesia can be administered. The procedure is very simple, without incisions and hospitalization. Mesothreads are inserted under the skin with the help of sterile and very thin needles, thickness from 0.30 to 0.40 mm, which are removed afterwards.  In the treaded tissue remains PDS thread (Polydioxanone), synthetic monofilament suture which has long been used in plastic surgery and related surgical professions. The advantage of such thread is biocompatibility, and they completely decompose in the period from 6 to 8 months. Threads contour a tissue, stimulate synthesis of collagen and activate fibroblast and myofibroblasts, thus improving firmness and skin tone.


Inserting threads with needles stimulate better circulation, resulting in vital and regenerated skin, and wrinkles are less visible. The duration of treatment depends on the amount threads that are inserted in skin. Immediately after the procedure, the face mask that is placed to reduce redness, and the patient can return to their normal activities. The full effect can be seen after 40 to 60 days after procedure.

Recovery time

After the treatment itself bruising (hematoma) often occur, which disappear in a few days or weeks, also edema (swelling of tissue), mild pain, and a feeling of tension and itching can also appear that can last a few days to a few weeks. Described problems are expected reaction of the body.

Recommendations for faster recovery:

  • In the case of pain, you can use analgesics;
  • Clean and dry your face gently, without any violent movement five days after surgery;
  • Gently wash your hair and gently apply make-up five days after surgery;
  • If you shave your face, use gentle movements five days after surgery;
  • Avoid sunbathing and tanning bed a few weeks after the procedure;
  • Avoid face treatments and facials three weeks after surgery;
  • Avoid sports, especially contact sports three weeks after surgery;
  • Avoid saunas and baths three weeks after surgery;
  • Do not undergo dental surgery three weeks after the surgery;
  • Avoid excessive facial movements while you talk, chew and yawn two weeks after surgery;
  • All other necessary instructions you will receive from the doctor who will perform the procedure.


People with autoimmune diseases , inflammatory diseases of the skin where procedure is meant to be conducted, blood coagulation disorders and oncological diseases , as well as pregnant and lactating women are not candidates for this procedure

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